A New Unified Field Theory

When I was a physics graduate student in the 1960s, I took many courses in quantum physics and became familiar with the concept of the zero point or vacuum energy field. Because this field basically contained an infinite amount of energy (a singularity), it had to be “normalized” out of the equations because the equations could not deal with singularities.

We also learned about what is known as the “strong force” which was invented to accommodate the fact that the positively charged protons in a nucleus did not cause the nucleus to fly apart due to coulomb repulsion. We did not know the source of this strong force!

More recently, physicist Nassim Haramein presented a new Unified Field Theory based upon a fractal geometry of the universe that consists of a 64 tetrahedral structure. This structure allows for an infinite number of elements within a finite boundary and leads to the concept of many black holes existing within the structure. Interestingly, this geometry was alluded to and written about in many ancient civilizations.

At the July 2010 Nexus Conference in Australia, Nassim simply and beautifully presents his theory (in “Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields”). His theory shows how all black holes in the Universe are connected to the zero point field, and this leads to the intelligent structuring of all things. Black holes exist at all levels of the Universe starting at the smallest level, going to nuclei, molecules, cells, organ structures, beings, planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc.

Nassim’s theory clearly shows how we are all one through our connection to the zero point field! Also, his theory is able to effectively deal with singularities and shows that the “strong force” is actually a gravitational force due to the presence of black holes.

I recommend you view the YouTube video (above) of his presentation. It is unlikely after viewing it you will view the universe (or yourself) in the same way again!! In many ways, the work of Nassim Haramein carries concepts presented in Lynn McTaggart’s masterful work The Field to new levels!

From a practical point of view, the New Unified Field Theory gives us hope we can tap into the zero point field. By tapping into the field, we could, for example, obtain all the low-cost energy we desire to fuel our needs on this planet, or to travel to other destinations in our galaxy or the Universe!

As Nassim states, “if we tap this energy that’s in space everywhere…we can produce enough power to power a whole planet for thousands and thousands of years….”

Now that’s something worthy of pursuing!

Mr. Haramein continues developing his ideas at the Resonance Project in Hawaii.



The Crystalline State of Water

Every now and then we come across a new idea whose time has come that fundamentally changes the way we see ourselves and our world.

Water and CrystalSuch is the case of the work of Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington whose research sheds light on the crystalline state of water. That is, he shows how water exhibits a fourth state (beyond solid, liquid, or gaseous states) that is crystalline!

The concept of crystalline water existed for almost 100 years, yet the prevailing view remained that water exists only as a solid, liquid, or gas. In his lecture to the university faculty (video below: Water, Energy, and Life: Fresh Views From the Water’s Edge), Dr. Pollack elegantly elucidates his research on water’s crystalline state.

Dr. Pollack’s research indicates when water is in its crystalline state, it exhibits properties unlike any other state of water. These properties include: 1) molecules more constrained and stable, 2) negative charge, 3) absorbs light at 270 nm, 4) increased viscosity, and 5) molecular alignment.

Dr. Pollack also shows when water is put into contact with hydrophilic (i.e., “water loving”) substances such as proteins and nafion (synthetic material used for research), an exclusion zone (EZ) develops wherein crystalline water forms at the surface of the material.

This exclusion zone often extends many millions of molecular layers into the liquid and is negatively charged. The water beyond the end of the zone is positively charged. This means a battery is formed!

For a battery to form, energy must be put into the system. Dr. Pollack discovered this energy comes from electromagnetic radiation. Near Infrared radiation (around 3 microns) is much more effective than any other part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Humans are composed of proteins (and other hydrophilic substances), and are 60% water by weight and 99% water by total number of molecules. The implication here is that we can capture the energy of radiation that is constantly impinging upon us and make millions of batteries in our body that could give us energy to carry out our life processes! In this way, we are similar to plants, which use water and sunlight in the process of photosynthesis.

Wow! This makes me want to go take a sunbath or an infrared sauna.

The practical implications of Dr. Pollack’s work are further considered in Dr. Mercola’s interview with Dr. Pollack (see video below). Highly recommended viewing!

Also see Dr. Pollack’s book Cells, Gels, and the Engines of Life: A new, Unifying Approach to Cell Function.


Vitamin C Prevents Side Effects of Vaccinations

I recently received an Orthomolecular Medicine News Service release on the use of Vitamin C to prevent side effects from vaccinations and to increase the effectiveness of vaccinations.

It is especially important every parent be aware of the facts presented in this article in order to avoid the many toxic side effects observed when children receive vaccinations. Therefore, I am posting the release below:

Vitamin C Prevents Vaccination Side Effects; Increases Effectiveness

by Thomas E Levy, MD, JD

(OMNS, Feb 14, 2012) The routine administration of vaccinations continues to be a subject of controversy in the United States, as well as throughout the world. Parents who want the best for their babies and children continue to be faced with decisions that they fear could harm their children if made incorrectly. The controversy over the potential harm of vaccinating, or of not vaccinating, will not be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties anytime soon, if ever. This brief report aims to offer some practical information to pediatricians and parents alike who want the best long-term health for their patients and children, regardless of their sentiments on the topic of vaccination in general.

While there seems to be a great deal of controversy over how frequently a vaccination might result in a negative outcome, there is little controversy that at least some of the time vaccines do cause damage. The question that then emerges is whether something can be done to minimize, if not eliminate, the infliction of such damage, however infrequently it may occur.

Causes of Vaccination Side Effects

When vaccines do have side effects and adverse reactions, these outcomes are often categorized as resulting from allergic reactions or the result of a negative interaction with compromised immune systems. While either of these types of reactions can be avoided subsequently when there is a history of a bad reaction having occurred at least once in the past as a result of a vaccination, it is vital to try to avoid encountering a negative outcome from occurring the first time vaccines are administered.

Due to the fact that all toxins, toxic effects, substantial allergic reactions, and induced immune compromise have the final common denominator of causing and/or resulting in the oxidation of vital biomolecules, the antioxidant vitamin C has proven to be the ultimate nonspecific antidote to whatever toxin or excess oxidative stress might be present. While there is also a great deal of dispute over the inherent toxicity of the antigens that many vaccines present to the immune systems of those vaccinated, there is no question, for example, that thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative, is highly toxic when present in significant amounts. This then begs the question: Rather than argue whether there is an infinitesimal, minimal, moderate, or significant amount of toxicity associated with the amounts of thimerosal or other potentially toxic components presently being used in vaccines, why not just neutralize whatever toxicity is present as completely and definitively as possible?

Vitamin C is a Potent Antitoxin

In addition to its general antitoxin properties (Levy, 2002), vitamin C has been demonstrated to be highly effective in neutralizing the toxic nature of mercury in all of its chemical forms. In animal studies, vitamin C can prevent the death of animals given otherwise fatal doses of mercury chloride (Mokranjac and Petrovic, 1964). Having vitamin C on board prior to mercury exposure was able to prevent the kidney damage the mercury otherwise typically caused (Carroll et al., 1965). Vitamin C also blocked the fatal effect of mercury cyanide (Vauthey, 1951). Even the very highly toxic organic forms of mercury have been shown to be effectively detoxified by vitamin C (Gage, 1975).

Vitamin C Improves Vaccine Effectiveness

By potential toxicity considerations alone, then, there would seem to be no good reason not to pre- and post-medicate an infant or child with some amount of vitamin C to minimize or block the toxicity that might significantly affect a few. However, there is another compelling reason to make vitamin C an integral part of any vaccination protocol: Vitamin C has been documented to augment the antibody response of the immune system (Prinz et al., 1977; Vallance, 1977; Prinz et al., 1980; Feigen et al., 1982; Li and Lovell, 1985; Amakye-Anim et al., 2000; Wu et al., 2000; Lauridsen and Jensen, 2005; Azad et al., 2007). As the goal of any vaccination is to stimulate a maximal antibody response to the antigens of the vaccine while causing minimal to no toxic damage to the most sensitive of vaccine recipients, there would appear to be no medically sound reason not to make vitamin C a part of all vaccination protocols. Except in individuals with established, significant renal insufficiency, vitamin C is arguably the safest of all nutrients that can be given, especially in the amounts discussed below. Unlike virtually all prescription drugs and some supplements, vitamin C has never been found to have any dosage level above which it can be expected to demonstrate any toxicity.

Vitamin C Reduces Mortality in Vaccinated Infants and Children

Kalokerinos (1974) demonstrated repeatedly and quite conclusively that Aboriginal infants and children, a group with an unusually high death rate after vaccinations, were almost completely protected from this outcome by dosing them with vitamin C before and after vaccinations. The reason articulated for the high death rate was the exceptionally poor and near-scurvy-inducing (vitamin C-depleted) diet that was common in the Aboriginal culture. This also demonstrates that with the better nutrition in the United States and elsewhere in the world, the suggested doses of vitamin C should give an absolute protection against death (essentially a toxin-induced acute scurvy) and almost absolute protection against lesser toxic outcomes from any vaccinations administered. Certainly, there appears to be no logical reason not to give a nontoxic substance known to neutralize toxicity and stimulate antibody production, which is the whole point of vaccine administration.

Dosage Information for Pediatricians and Parents

Practically speaking, then, how should the pediatrician or parent proceed? For optimal antibody stimulation and toxin protection, it would be best to dose for three to five days before the shot(s) and to continue for at least two to three days following the shot. When dealing with infants and very young children, administering a 1,000 mg dose of liposome-encapsulated vitamin C would be both easiest and best, as the gel-like nature of this form of vitamin C allows a ready mixture into yogurt or any other palatable food, and the complete proximal absorption of the liposomes would avoid any possible loose stools or other possible undesirable bowel effects.

Vitamin C as sodium ascorbate powder will also work well. Infants under 10 pounds can take 500 mg daily in some fruit juice, while babies between 10 and 20 pounds could take anywhere from 500 mg to 1,000 mg total per day, in divided doses. Older children can take 1,000 mg daily per year of life (5,000 mg for a 5 year-old child, for example, in divided doses). If sodium must be avoided, calcium ascorbate is well-tolerated and, like sodium ascorbate, is non-acidic. Some but not all children’s chewable vitamins are made with calcium ascorbate. Be sure to read the label. Giving vitamin C in divided doses, all through the day, improves absorption and improves tolerance. As children get older, they can more easily handle the ascorbic acid form of vitamin C, especially if given with meals. For any child showing significant bowel sensitivity, either use liposome-encapsulated vitamin C, or the amount of regular vitamin C can just be appropriately decreased to an easily tolerated amount.

Very similar considerations exist for older individuals receiving any of a number of vaccinations for preventing infection, such as the yearly flu shots. When there is really no urgency, and there rarely is, such individuals should supplement with vitamin C for several weeks before and several weeks after, if at all possible.

Even taking a one-time dose of vitamin C in the dosage range suggested above directly before the injections can still have a significant toxin-neutralizing and antibody-stimulating effect. It’s just that an even better likelihood of having a positive outcome results from extending the pre- and post-dosing periods of time.


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Suggestions for Hepatitis C

In the last week several people have asked me about natural approaches for Hepatitis C. In general, I always recommend a complete nutritional program along with healthier ways of living so that the body has the best chance to regain balance. In my experience a partial approach in which a person only does some good things does not work.

I always suggest that you start with a solid foundational program that includes a therapeutic multivitamin, Vitamin C with antioxidants, essential fats, and one of of our high RNA Rejuvenate!™ formulas (I prefer Rejuvenate!™ Berries & Herbs for Hepatitis C). It is important to eat an organic diet that includes raw foods, vegetable juices and soups, fruits high in antioxidants, fish – such as sardines and salmon, and high fiber foods.

At the same time, it is crucial that the liver is not taxed by exposure to toxic petrochemicals, pesticides, alcohol, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and junk foods. It is important to go on a detoxification program that clears the intestines, liver, blood and lymph system, kidneys, lungs, and skin. In this regard, I suggest the use of our Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula.

As a final very important recommendation, I suggest that you take our Hepa Plus formula that contains milk thistle extract, alpha-lipoic acid, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC), selenium, dandelion root extract, and other nutrients that help to detoxify and regenerate the liver. I addition, I suggest the use of our organic medicinal mushroom polysaccharide product, Immune Assist Daily Formula, that is the most powerful immune modulator that I am aware of. Finally, I suggest the use of our patented Olive Leaf Extract that is an extremely effective anti-microbial.

Using this approach several people’s Hepatitis C titres have dropped precipitously and their health improved dramatically.

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A New View of the Role of Bacteria in Health


I recently watched a talk by Dr. Bonnie Bassler concerning how bacteria communicate with each other ("Discovering Bacteria's Amazing Communication System") on TED.com. I came away from her talk with a