9 Healthy Things To Know About Rejuvenate!™ Superfoods

Fred Liers PhD rejuvenate superfoods dietary RNAWhat you don’t know can hurt you. Or perhaps I should say, what you know and implement, can significantly benefit you and your health.

After reading my article, you will have a new knowledge about dietary nucleic acids that can boost your health, improve your well-being, and make your life more vibrant.

If you implement this knowledge, you can live longer, feel better, and experience a higher quality of life. In a word, you will experience ‘rejuvenation.’

So, here are nine important things you may not know about Rejuvenate!™ superfoods and the dietary nucleic acids they are specifically formulated to provide in therapeutic amounts.

Rejuvenate superfoods rejuvenate! RNA nucleic acids


It’s true. Rejuvenate! superfoods help make you look and feel younger. In fact, that’s why we call our line of superfoods “Rejuvenate!™.” Rejuvenate!™ helps you, well, rejuvenate because of all the exceptional ingredients combined into each one of our unique, synergistic formulas. Yet, among the ingredients, dietary nucleic acids stand out as primary therapeutic nutrients which the other ingredients are intended to support in creating health.

How much younger can you look? When discussing this topic with respect to patients he placed on high-RNA diets, pioneer nucleic acid researcher Dr. Benjamin S. Frank states:

“How much younger [my patients] look is, of course, subjective. The older a person, the more dramatically appearance is changed. At 70 or 80 (judging by appearance alone), age seems to regress ten to fifteen years; at 60, about ten years; and at 30 to 50, five years or more.” (No-Aging Diet 6)

What impresses me most about Dr. Frank’s writings on this aspect of dietary nucleic acids is that he understands that changes in appearance are not superficial, but rather relate to the changes made within the body that are reflected in its outer appearance. In this regard, Dr. Frank says, “These changes in appearance are not just skin-deep. From a medical point of view they are not cosmetic at all. They stem from deep-down improvements in health” (6).

feel look younger great rejuvenate superfoods

Look and feel younger with a high-RNA diet

In fact, Dr. Frank used what he calls the “pinch test” to determine improvements in skin elasticity. This involves pinching the skin on the back of the hand and using calipers measuring how quickly the skin snaps back into place. He notes that for older individuals it may take three or four months before the skin on the back of the hands and elbows becomes noticeably smoother. However, looking and feeling better can start as soon as one week!

Deep lines and wrinkles grow shallower starting with the forehead, followed by lines around the mouth, and still later by crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes. You can watch this progression occur in yourself or others. When you see it happen, it is nothing short of amazing to witness.

Improvements in how you feel will be just as spectacular, if you give Rejuvenate!™ superfoods and other high-RNA foods a chance to work their “magic,” which isn’t magic at all. It is simply the natural effects of dietary RNA in the human body.


Dietary nucleic acids are essential nutrients. Beneficial dietary nucleic acids include ribonucleic acid (RNA), deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), as well as nucleotides and nucleosides.

You may not hear about nucleic acids in the popular media, but Dr. Frank considered nucleic acids to be essential nutrients. In Nucleic Acid Nutrition and Therapy (1977), Dr. Frank makes the case for nucleic acids as “essential nutrients of human beings.”

He considers them as distinct from non-essential, accessory nutrients. Dr. Frank thereby asserts that nucleic acids and nucleotides are an essential dietary category. Indeed, he finds these nutrients to be just as essential for human health as vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Foods highest in nucleic acids include chlorella, brewer’s yeast, beans, sardines, and organ meats. Chlorella provides ten times the amount found in beans. Not all nucleic acids are the same, however, despite the fact that many of the benefits provided by the nucleic acids in these foods are similar.

Each type of food high in nucleic acids has unique a nucleic acid profile, and provides somewhat different benefits. This means it is best to consume a wide range of dietary nucleic acids, including Rejuvenate! superfoods which are designed to provide the body with multiple types of dietary RNA from different sources.

Rejuvenate!™ superfoods are formulated as plant-based, vegetarian-friendly high-RNA superfoods. They both provide a broad range of dietary nucleic acids and major supporting nutrients to enhance the body’s uptake, assimilation, and usage of nucleic acids. This combination of RNA and synergistic nutrients allows Rejuvenate!™ superfoods to surpass in total nutritional value any single food high in RNA.


Dietary nucleic acids significantly boost energy production in the body. You will feel the difference. Greater energy. More go power. Endurance.

It takes about two to three weeks before the effects of dietary nucleic acid consumption (at therapeutic levels) are fully felt by most people. However, the benefits to health start immediately.

energy jump rejuvenate superfoods

In his books, Dr. Benjamin Frank addresses how nucleic acids can dramatically increase cellular energy. Nucleic acids boost energy levels in the body is by significantly increasing production of the “high-energy” molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The body uses the energy it generates from ATP for many purposes, including all repairing, healing, metabolism, digestion, building a strong immune system, and many other processes.

Dr. Hank Liers formulated Rejuvenate!™ superfoods to leverage all the benefits of dietary nucleic acids. Because all bodily processes from healing to immunity depend upon cellular energy, the fact that RNA boosts energy production (as ATP) in cells means that consuming high levels of dietary nucleic acids gives the body more energy with which to work. This is how dietary RNA supports health and healing.

atp adenosine triphosphate rejuvenate superfoods

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Dietary RNA boosts energy (ATP) in the body.

In fact, Rejuvenate!™ superfoods are one of the four cornerstone supplements in the HPDI system of Foundational Supplements. Other foundational supplements in our system include a high-potency multivitamin, antioxidant and vitamin C formulas, and essential fatty acids.

Click here to learn more about Rejuvenate!™ superfoods.


One of the most surprising benefits of a high-NRA diet is what is known as its “anti-anoxic” effects. In fact, Dr. Frank devotes a chapter in The No-Aging Diet just to the topic of increasing oxygenation of the body, “Eat Better; You’ll Breathe Easier” (48–51).

The amazing thing about this benefit is that Dr. Frank administered nucleic acids to individuals who had obstructive lung diseases, including emphysema and chronic bronchitis. He found that nucleic acids do two things for them: 1) permit the body to make more complete use oxygen that has been breathed into the lungs, and 2) help reduce cough and uncomfortable congestion.

Dr. Frank put these individuals through stair climbing exercises, among other forms of exercise. He reports that a 62-year-old man and former smoker was initially winded going up just a few flights of stairs, and had suffered with weak lungs for five years having forgotten what it was like to breathe normally. After two weeks on nucleic acids and vitamins, he could exercise with less fatigue and gasping for breath.

After six weeks, he could climb two flights of stairs with only mild fatigue, his cough lessened, and his lungs were less congested. The man continued to improve, and after six weeks he was restored to “full vigor” and he felt “dramatically more comfortable” despite the fact that X-rays showed his lungs to be damaged by moderately severe emphysema (49). He returned to his normal work schedule.

Dr. Frank documents other cases like this one, and other cases of individuals suffering from other lung problems. He also treated mice with nucleic acids. He discovered that mice given nucleic acids were able to survive nearly 50% longer under conditions of oxygen deprivation (50–51).

Dr. Frank describes the anti-anoxic effect of dietary nucleic acids as a highly significant effect that permits the body to perform better with less oxygen by making more efficient use of the oxygen consumed by a human or animal.

nucleic acids oxygenation easier breathing rejuvenate superfoods

Nucleic acids help everyone breathe easier. I personally have noticed improved oxygenation and easier breathing. Whereas formerly I would breathe hard during yoga practices, biking, and gym workouts, today I hardly notice any struggle to breathe.

It’s not that I have no need for breathing deeply during exercise. But there is no need for gasping or huffing, and the pace of my breathing is far more even and constant. During yogic pranayama (breathing exercises) I can actually go much longer without taking a breath than I ever could before I began using Rejuvenate!™ superfoods.

Initially, this ease of breathing came as a highly pleasant surprise. Now I simply consume Rejuvenate!™ superfoods (and other forms of dietary RNA) regularly and I exercise without gasping for breath even during the most intense workouts and yoga sessions.


As if all the benefits I’ve already mentioned aren’t enough, here’s another: you can lower your cholesterol levels, easily.

Rejuvenate! superfoods help in this regard because they provide therapeutic levels of dietary RNA. Can it really be that simple? The answer is yes.

For example, Dr. Frank found that for his patients, consuming dietary nucleic acids was more important than low fat diets. In his experience, sardines were the most powerful part of the nucleic acid diet in lowering cholesterol. He found this interesting because sardines aren’t low in fat.

cholesterol reduce control rejuvenate superfoods rna

Of course, we now know that fat consumption alone does not explain high or low cholesterol levels. We also know that certain types of fats can greatly improve lipid profiles. And unlike Dr. Frank (who pioneered dietary nucleic acid therapy in the 1960s and 1970s), we also know that sardines aren’t the only, or the best, form of dietary RNA for everyone.


Another thing Dr. Frank is clear about is that a diet high in nucleic acids helps heart disease patients.

He found that a high nucleic acid diet could “spectacularly” relieve angina pectoris, along with many other symptoms of heart failure, including fatigue, breathlessness, and swollen ankles.

In the No-Aging Diet, he describes how he treated a group of 50 patients ranging in age from 42 to 97 years, and mostly in their 60s and 70s. He used nucleic acid extracts and vitamins. He found that the “higher the dosage of nucleic acid, the better the results” (56).

heart disease nucleic acids rejuvenate superfood

In one case, an 83-year-old man could barely walk one half of a city block without gasping for air. Dr. Frank gave the man a physical exam, which revealed swollen ankles and feet, lung congestion, and other symptoms of heart failure. Dr. Frank started the patient of dietary RNA. Within five weeks of RNA daily plus vitamins, he could walk fifteen city blocks without troubled breathing (56).

The man’s color improved. His lungs became free of congestion. The swelling in his feet and ankles disappeared. An electrocardiogram showed marked improvement in heart function.

Then, after 2.5 months, Dr. Frank temporarily took his patient off the RNA regimen. By the second and third weeks off the regimen, the patient’s shortness of breath returned, whereupon Dr. Frank resumed treatment. Dr. Frank states in his chapter on heart disease that in the vast majority of heart patients he treated with nucleic acids he recorded a rapid reduction is both blood cholesterold and a “sharp improvement” in overall health. In two to four weeks, nearly all heart disease patients will feel better because they will actually be healthier (57).

Rejuvenate!™ superfoods provide therapeutic levels of nucleic acids in an easy-to-consume powder form that can be added to water or juice, or be put into smoothies, blender drinks, or even put on foods like salads or mixed into sauces. One of the goals in formulating the Rejuvenate!™ line was to provide a superfood that could be both tasty and therapeutic.

If you like intense greens, try Rejuvenate!™ original. For a lighter green experience with additional protein and a built-in multivitamin, go for Rejuvenate!™ PLUS (our most popular superfood). And when you’re feeling up for something especially tasty with no greens, enjoy Rejuvenate!™ Berries & Herbs.


Do you know anyone who always seems to be cold, especially in winter? They would benefit from Rejuvenate!™ superfood.

One of the more apparent benefits of consuming high-RNA Rejuvenate!™ superfoods is that you will be less cold in the winter, more tolerant of cold temperatures, and more comfortable outdoors (or indoors) in the winter. This is due to the high levels of dietary nucleic acids boosting energy production in your body.

There is also evidence, as described by by Dr. Frank, that dietary nucleic acids help the body regulate temperature more effectively, thereby not only keeping us warmer in the winter, but also more comfortable in warm or hot weather, too.

body warmth rejuvenate superfoods rna

Dietary RNA supports optimal metabolism and circulation

Simply put, Rejuvenate!™ superfoods can help you stay warm in winter and comfortable in any season.


Diabetics have unique health problems that are largely unmet by conventional treatments. Dr. Frank himself suffered from diabetes and he notes that treatment for it “has hardly advanced since insulin was isolated” decades ago (64).

Dr. Frank did not use nucleic acid therapy to cure diabetes, but to considerably reduce the damage caused by it, and thereby “keep the disease at bay.”

Nucleic acids capacity to help the body utilize oxygen more effectively and repair tissues is the foundation of how they help diabetics. Dr. Frank primarily used nucleic acids, vitamins, and dietary restrictions in his protocols for diabetes.

He describes 18 patients aged 25 to 80 years of age. Some of these individuals also suffered from heart disease, and he describes how they were dramatically helped and their excessive fatigue eliminated.

Coldness in patients’ legs and feet caused by impaired circulation “completely disappeared” after two to four months of following the protocol (65).

He also describes how peripheral nerve damage (numbness) can be successfully treated with a nucleic acid diet, a vitamin B-complex tablet, plus choline and inositol (65).

Dr. Frank describes diabetes as having so many degenerative aspects that he likens it to many degenerative diseases lumped together simultaneously. He correlates degenerative disease with the aging process due to the fact that in both cases there is “less oxygen-using metabolism and more non-oxygen using metabolism, largely because of a block in the Krebs cycle or electron-transport chain” (66).

diabetes complications rejuvenate superfoods

A high-RNA diet can be an effective, useful adjunct for diabetes

In Dr. Frank’s opinion, this block means that some NADH (reduced form of NAD) (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and similar molecules are not fully oxidized to form ATP. He implicates NADH produced in the less-oxygen-using metabolism as playing an actively destructive role for diabetics in producing sugar complexes (mucoproteins) that form thickening membranes inside tiny blood vessels (66).

Dr. Frank shows that high-RNA diets can help diabetics control their symptoms. High-RNA Rejuvenate!™ superfoods provide therapeutic levels of nucleic acids that can help support a comprehensive program for dealing with diabetes.


All Rejuvenate!™ superfood formulas provide a therapeutic amount of dietary nucleic acids, or about 340 mg of RNA.

340 mg of dietary nucleic acids, including RNA, is a therapeutic amount. That is, it is a dose high enough to make a difference for health.

There is no exact upper limit for dietary RNA intake. However, benefits will continue to accrue at 1,000 mg or even 1,500 mg. These include the above-mentioned benefits, such as improved tissue oxygenation, faster healing, body temperature regulation.

Some have likened the benefits of higher RNA intake levels to attaining the physiological states observed in Olympic athletes. Indeed, anyone looking to improve athletic performance should try taking 1,000 mg of nucleic acids, which is the equivalent of just four small scoops of any Rejuvenate!™ superfood.

Yet, even for the average person who is not an elite athlete, surprising improvements in physiological capacities are likely. For example, climbing stairs or lifting objects will become easier, especially if these types of activities are engaged in routinely or regularly. Dr. Frank tested human subjects performing both of these activities reported the results in both his No-Aging Diet and his technical works.


I could continue enumerating the many benefits of a Rejuvenate!™ superfoods and other high-RNA foods. It’s easy to do, and perhaps I will in separate blog post in the near future.

Other notable benefits of dietary RNA include improving functional strength and athletic performance, helping osteoarthritis, and increasing both longevity and qualify of life. In fact, it helps nearly every aspect of health because, as I mentioned, it boosts cellular energy itself, which can be used in the body to optimize nearly all physiological functions.

And so I reiterate here that most, if not all, of these benefits provided by dietary nucleic acids relate to greater cellular energy (ATP) production in the body. In fact, Dr. Frank devotes chapter three (titled “New Energy for Our Cells”) in the No-Aging Diet to highlighting the cellular mechanisms and biochemical processes involved in the body’s conversion of dietary RNA into energy it can use to support bodily processes for optimal health.

Suffice it to say that there are good reasons behind the fact that Dr. Frank’s titled his technical work (i.e., written for scientists and health care professionals) Nucleic Acid Nutrition and Therapy. He firmly believed in applying the lessons and results obtained in his laboratory for the benefit of human health. It is for these same reasons that we at HPDI developed the Rejuvenate!™ line of superfoods.



Dietary nucleic acids are found in many foods in their natural state. These nucleic acids include ribonucleic acid (RNA), deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), nucleotides, and nucleosides. While these terms may sound complex, they are basic biology concepts taught in Biology 101. They are the genetic basis of life. The reason they are found in foods is because foods are made of living (or formerly living) matter, and living matter is full of nucleic acids.

But not all foods provide the same amounts of nucleic acids and some are decidedly low in them. Once you discover the healthy benefits of consuming dietary RNA, any how easy it is to consume it, then you will seek out foods high in RNA.

Many people aren’t familiar with the benefits offered dietary nucleic acids despite the fact that many foods (like certain fish, beans, and brewer’s yeast) are very high in nucleic acids. Many of these foods are considered healthy and recommended as part of a nutritious diet. But few foods can provide all the benefits of a superfood specially formulated not only to provide nucleic acids, but also supporting nutrients that optimize the effects of nucleic acids in the body.

Foods highest in dietary nucleic acids tend to foods high in purines. Fish and organ meats tend to be high in purines. Beans and legumes are also very high in purines, and therefore high in nucleic acids.

The pioneer researcher who essentially discovered the therapeutic value of dietary nucleic acids is Dr. Benjamin S. Frank. Dr. Frank was not only a popularizer of the importance of high nucleic acid diets, but he was also a medical doctor, molecular biologist, and researcher who tested his ideas using scientific methods.

benjamin s frank no aging diet nucleic acids ran sardines rejuvenate superfood

Dr. Benjamin S. Frank, researcher of dietary RNA for health & anti-aging.

Dr. Frank published several books on the topic of dietary nucleic acids, including his 1976 bestseller Dr. Frank’s No-Aging Diet. His scientific works on the topic culminated in his highly technical Nucleic Acid Nutrition and Therapy (1979).

In the No-Aging Diet, Dr. Frank advocated consuming fish, beans, other high-RNA foods, as well as nutrients and supplements that enhance the uptake and utilization of dietary RNA. He also used various high-RNA yeast extracts in his nutritional experiments with animals. Dr. Frank includes a useful table titled “Nucleic Acid Content of Foods,” in which he provides relative amounts of dietary RNA contained in different types of foods. He derived the RNA content of foods in his table from measurements of purines. That is, Dr. Frank approximates the RNA content of foods by multiplying the purine content by a factor of 3.5.

Dr. Frank's No-Aging Diet RNA Rejuvenate

It is notable, however, that Dr. Frank was not aware that the dietary RNA content of chlorella is at least ten times higher than sardines, which is the fish exhibiting the highest levels of dietary RNA. Most fish contain more RNA when fresh or freshly cooked. Sardines are the exception, and canned sardines offer the very highest levels of dietary RNA among fish.


Fish consumption has risen dramatically in recent years. Fish can be a very healthy food. However, too often it is not, and comes with its own risks.

Problems with consuming fish include PCB and heavy metal contamination (especially for fish higher up the food chain), radiation contamination (think Pacific fish living within the massive plume from the Fukushima nuclear plant), overfishing and depleted stocks, and the poor quality and toxicity of farmed fish. In addition, fish is simply not an option for vegetarians.

Consumption of organ meats (e.g., liver, heart, kidneys, brains) has fallen rather dramatically during the last 50 years. The difficultly of obtaining clean, high-quality organ meats is part of the reason for this decline along with changes in consumer tastes. Like fish, organ meats are not an option for vegetarians.

Chicken livers provide nearly two-thirds of the amount of dietary RNA found in sardines. Other organ meats generally provide less, but good choices (at least in terms of total RNA) are beef and pork livers.

Beans and other legumes are attractive choices for everyone. They can be obtained organically grown, and they are plentiful and nutritious. Ideally, beans and legumes should be part of everyone’s diet. Depending upon the bean, a single serving of beans can provide a significant amount of dietary RNA. Lentils and pinto beans, for example, provide up to 80% of the RNA content of sardines. Other legumes, such as garbanzo beans and blackeyed peas provide less RNA, perhaps up to 50% of what sardines contain. Smaller amounts of RNA equate to fewer health benefits. Nevertheless, almost every type of legume provides a reasonable amount of RNA.

What is an ideal amount of RNA to consume daily? Dr. Frank speaks of ideal amounts, perhaps 600 mg per day up to 1,500 mg per day. The benefits obtained at higher levels will include all the benefits I talk about below (e.g., easier breathing, greater energy and functional strength, rejuvenation), and can especially benefit individuals requiring optimal nutritional status in order to heal or desiring powerful rejuvenation (such as older individuals or those in recovery).

Another group that can benefit is elite athletes (or those who wish to become elite athletes). Athletic performance, like other activities requiring exceptional amounts of energy, benefits from the ability of RNA to generate energy (as ATP) and to facilitate muscle recovery and growth.

What Dr. Frank is clear about is that regardless of what may constitute an ideal daily dose, the regular consumption of even relatively small amounts of dietary RNA will provide significant benefits out of proportion to the dose. That is, the body benefits from any amount of RNA consumed, and especially when its supply is low which is often the case in persons consuming today’s typical diet (also known as SAD, or Standard American Diet).

Dr. Frank notes that older people and athletes (both of which are groups that gain particular benefits from RNA consumption) show noticeable improvements in health and performance from what might be considered less than therapeutic amounts of RNA. This may partly be explained by the fact that dietary nucleic acids are essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals (according to Dr. Frank) and therefore the body will utilize the supply of RNA no matter how small (Nucleic Acid Nutrition and Therapy 116–117).

rejuvenate superfoods nucleic acid nutrition therapy benjamin s frank

Original jacket from Nucleic Acid Nutrition and Therapy

The work of Dr. Frank differs from that of many other nucleic acid researchers. He notes that he is far from being the only medical researcher to be interested in nucleic acids and that many scientists as far back as the 1950s were studying how nucleic acids could help humans deal with diseases. In this respect, he mentions how research is ongoing into the use of injectable organ-specific tissues (containing nucleic acids). Even today, pharmaceutical companies are busy trying to discover patentable substances that act upon the body in ways that mimic the actions of dietary nucleic acids.

Dr. Frank distinguishes himself from the approaches taken by other nucleic-acid researchers by stating that he 1) aims at improving the health of the entire body rather than individual organs; and that his focus lies in 2) using a dietary approach (not injections), and that he 3) regards nucleic acids as natural nutrients not medicines (No-Aging Diet 23).

The important research of Dr. Frank inspires the formulation of the Rejuvenate!™ line of superfoods because we, too, regard nucleic acids as natural, and indeed essential, nutrients best obtained by diet and that improve the health of the entire body.


As nutritious as they are in terms of providing dietary nucleic acids, beans and legumes come nowhere close to providing the levels of nucleic acids found in chlorella. Chlorella offers the highest amounts of nucleic acids per unit weight on the planet. Chlorella is now a popular superfood because it is easy to take, tastes good, and can be obtained in a relatively pure state.

Most people who take chlorella take tablets, which is fine. But it can be difficult to obtain therapeutic amounts of nucleic acids from tablets. Powder is a better form because it can used more flexibly, for example, in smoothies or put into foods.

But consuming 100% chlorella power presents challenges. First, it is highly detoxifying. This is good, except that detoxifying too rapidly can present the body with unpleasant symptoms (e.g., rashes) that in themselves are harmless, but may not be acceptable to some people.

Secondly, chlorella offers a unique profile of nucleic acids that while effective for boosting health, does not represent a full spectrum of RNA, DNA, nucleotides, and nucleosides.


For all the reasons I’ve considered above, we at HPDI developed the Rejuvenate!™ line of superfoods. Our intent was to create a series of superfoods that provide therapeutic amounts of a wide-range of dietary nucleic acids that would be easy to consume, taste good, and include other nutrients that help optimize the uptake and utilization of nucleic acids in the body.

The Rejuvenate!™ line of superfoods is the only superfood line providing therapeutic levels of dietary nucleic acids. Dietary nucleic acids offer major benefits for health, healing, recovery, endurance, functional strength, athletic performance, and overall well being.


The Rejuvenate!™ line currently consists of Rejuvenate!™ (original greens), Rejuvenate! PLUS, and Rejuvenate! Berries & Herbs.

It all began with Rejuvenate!™ (original greens). This Rejuvenate!™ is the “greenest” and greenest-tasting formula, and provides the highest chlorella content. It offers similar RNA content per serving to other Rejvuenate superfoods, which all provide about 340 mg RNA per serving. However, because its serving size is smaller, the original version actually offers more RNA per unit weight. Hence, Rejuvenate!™ original is the most cost-effective (42 servings per container) both in terms of cost-per-serving and cost-per-milligram of RNA. But the each Rejuvenate!™ formulas offers unique benefits of its own.

Rejuvenate!™ PLUS is our lighter, sweet green superfood (when compared to original Rejuvenate!) providing somewhat fewer greens. Consuming fewer greens is actually beneficial for individuals who wish to detoxify at a more moderate pace. Rejuvenate!™ PLUS is formulated to provide high levels of protein (about 12 g per serving) and includes complete multivitamin and multimineral complex. Rejuvenate! PLUS is our most popular Rejuvenate! superfood due to these unique benefits and features.

Rejuvenate!™ Berries & Herbs contains no greens (and is designed that way) to please the palates of individuals who either don’t like greens (e.g., chlorella and spirulina) daily or wish to ‘mix & match’ with other Rejuvenate! superfoods. Berries & Herbs still offers the same therapeutic levels (actually a bit higher than the others at 390 mg) of dietary RNA. It also provides a complete multivitamin and multimineral complex. Many consider Rejuvenate! Berries & Herbs to be the best-tasting superfood in the Rejuvenate! line. What also makes Berries & Herbs unique is a potent cell-protective herbal complex with high antioxidant value, and which promotes optimal cell function.

Rejuvenate! High RNA Superfood 


One thing Dr. Frank is very clear about is that dietary nucleic acids are more effective when used in conjunction with vitamins, especially the B complex. This is why our two best-selling Rejuvenate!™ formulas provide a complete multivitamin complex built-into them. They are Rejuvenate!™ PLUS and Rejuvenate!™ Berries & Herbs.

While Rejuvenate!™ original does not provide a complete multivitamin, HPDI also offers a complete line of multivitamins, including Multi Two (caps or tabs), Mighty Multi-Vite!™ (caps), and ultrapure Mini Multi (which contains no additives, fillers, or other excipients and is ideal for chemically or environmentally sensitive persons).

multivitamins rejuvenate superfoods

HPDI actually has created a system of four foundational supplements that act synergistically to create optimal health. The four foundational supplements include Rejuvenate!™ superfoods, multivitamins, antioxidant formulas, and essential fatty acids. You can learn more about our foundational supplement system and see why optimal health is best created using all four types of supplement formulas.

Rejuvenate!™ superfoods and other foundational supplements are also part of the HPDI Rejuvenation Program. This is our most comprehensive program for creating health, and it entails not only foundational supplements, but also enhancement formulas and specific-condition formulas that can be used to customize a regiment of nutritional supplement formulas unique to individuals.


If, as Dr. Frank compellingly argues, dietary nucleic acids are “essential nutrients,” then everyone should take them. That is, everyone who wants to be healthy, vibrant, and to look and feel younger. That’s you, isn’t it? In fact, who doesn’t want to be healthier and feel better?

That’s me for certain. I never go a day without at least one serving a Rejuvenate!™ superfood providing 340 mg of RNA. I typically take the original formula because I like intense greens and because it goes well in green drinks. But all of the formulas taste great, so I often mix and match to suit my taste.

I personally experience all the benefits I’ve described, and more. If after reading my article, you think you might gain even some of these health benefits, then wouldn’t it be worth trying the only superfood formulated specifically to provide high levels of dietary RNA?

I challenge you to try Rejuvenate!™ for yourself, and to see how well it can work to provide all the benefits for your health. Like all other HPDI products, Rejuvenate!™ superfoods are guaranteed, so you have nothing to lose.

Get started with Rejuvenate!™ superfoods today, and see why I’m not just talking about a superfood, but about a functional food that can make a significant and lasting difference for your health and for the health of your family, friends, and patients.



Dr. Frank’s No-Aging Diet: Eat and Grow Younger. Benjamin S. Frank with Philip Miele. New York: Dial Press, 1976.

Nucleic Acid Nutrition and Therapy. Benjamin S. Frank, MD. New York: Rainstone Publishing, 1977.









Dr. Hank Liers, PhD radiation Fukushima detoxification

UPDATE: January 6, 2014 – My colleague, Mark Sircus, published an article today concerning the status of the Fukushima situation. In his article, Mark states: “A public health official detected increased radiation levels on a California beach showing radiation levels at approximately 500% of normal levels. On the beach is exactly where you do not want to go and it looks like the further from the Pacific Ocean you are the longer you are going to live.”

Mark’s article continues: “Michael Snyder was saying last week, ‘The west coast of the United States is being absolutely fried by radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and the mainstream media is not telling us the truth about this. Most models display that the western coast and the middle belt of the U.S. will get the brunt of the radiation.'”

In light of the current situation, including recent reports regarding the possible meltdown of Fukushima reactor three, we believe it is important for everyone to familiarize themselves with methods to protect their health against the effects of radiation coming from Fukushima. In August 2013, I published an extensive updated article on the ways in which this can be done and have included it below. I highly recommend that our readers become familiar with the details I have presented. – Dr. Hank Liers


UPDATE: August 30, 2013 – Recent critical developments in Fukushima, Japan have revealed the release of massive quantities of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. An article published in National Geographic magazine on 8/21/13 provides details concerning the latest radioactive leak. These revelations make it necessary for everyone to remember that effective action can be taken to protect yourself and your loved ones from the damaging effects of released nuclear radiation. I wrote the following article (which includes a radiation protocol) and first published it on the HPDI blog in July 2012. Today’s version is significantly revised and expanded. I include a discussion of Ultimate Protector™ and how its Nrf2 activators help heal DNA damage from ionizing radiation. – Dr. Hank Liers


Since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami crisis in Japan, I receive many inquiries about emergency preparation, protection from radiation, and detoxification. These questions typically focus on the means to maintain health during catastrophic events. I’m pleased to offer suggestions depending on individual needs. However, my recommendations always start with the HPDI Master Rejuvenation Program. The program is the foundation on which to build and maintain excellent health under all circumstances. It starts well before radiation exposure is an issue.

More recently, it has become clear that the nuclear reactor situation in Fukushima, Japan is actually far worse than has been publicly acknowledged. According to physicist Michio Kaku PhD, the threat from the spent fuel pool in reactor building number four is near the tipping point. A small earthquake, another pipe break, or another explosion could tip it over, and we could have a disaster many times worse than Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.

Dr. Kaku explains that just in the last few weeks it has been reported that reactors two, three, and four have been shown to be in a very dire situation. Reactor two is completely liquefied, something that’s never been seen in the history of nuclear power. Reactor four, on the other hand, has an even worse problem because it is a spent fuel pond that is totally uncovered because of a hydrogen explosion that took place last year. Dr. Kaku concludes we have a worldwide catastrophe in the making. Unfortunately, the probability is high that this catastrophe may happen.

In view of the above, I have prepared this special adaptation of our Master Rejuvenation Program. It provides insight and practical advice about how you can prepare for such a catastrophe, as well as protect yourself, your family, and your community.



Your commitment to yourself, family, and community to remain healthy during this potential catastrophe is the crucial first step to being successful. I have observed many naysayers claiming that this event represents the end of humanity. However, there are many sources of wisdom and knowledge in the area of radiation protection that can provide solutions for remaining healthy. I will review some of these below.

One of the critical lessons learned from how people and organizations (including governments) react during crisis is that you must take responsibility for yourself because no one else will do it! This involves your learning about the problem and solutions and implementing your own personal plan. We will support you in this process.


With regard to radiation, there are some important issues usually not present in most non-radiation prevention programs. In the situation in Fukushima Japan, radiation from toxins such as iodine-131, cesium-137, strontium-90 and plutonium are the major issue. These radioactive particles blow through the air where they can be inhaled, attach to skin and clothing, fall onto food that is either eaten directly or indirectly from the food chain, and settle on the ground and structures where they accumulate and continue to emit radiation for long periods of time.

It may be wise to have access to the radiation data measured in your locality so that you have some idea of the magnitude of the problem you are facing. In this regard we recommend that you use a computer to visit the following website: http://radiationnetwork.com/. This website, home of the National Radiation Map, depicts environmental radiation levels across the USA, updated in real time every minute. This is the first web site where the average citizen (or anyone in the world) can see what radiation levels are anywhere in the USA at any time.

The first step in this program is to avoid contact with radioactive particles as much as possible. This means that you need to avoid to the extent possible exposure to outside air. I recommend using a mask that can filter out the radioactive particles from inhalation. The clothing you wear is also important; consider wearing long sleeve shirts, hats, and long pants to cover your body. The clothing should be changed immediately upon entering your home and it should be kept in a separate room from normal indoor living activities. Clothing should be washed frequently. I also suggest that you take frequent showers to wash radioactive particles from your body.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems should be configured in such a way that all outside air is adequately filtered so that it cannot contaminate your living/working spaces. The filters should be changed as necessary to avoid the excessive buildup of radioactive particles.

Before consumption, all produce and other foods exposed to radiation should be washed and rinsed in vinegar solution and then in baking soda solution so that you avoid eating the radioactive particles to the greatest extent possible. It will be impossible to avoid ingesting some radioactive particles. I therefore recommend taking HPDI’s Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula on a regular basis as long as a radiation risk is present. This formula contains ingredients such as charcoal, bentonite, psyllium, and apple pectin known to latch onto radioactive particles and allow them to pass through the GI tract and into your stools.


It is well known by healers around the world that a well functioning GI tract is critical for good health. This means the food you ingest is quickly and properly broken down into nutrients that your body needs, and unabsorbed food components and body waste from your liver quickly pass through your bowels. It also means that you maintain healthy intestinal flora (“good” bacteria population). In fact, it is believed by many, that 80% (or more) of human health problems initially arise from improper GI tract function. Commonly, the first step a healer will implement in a program is to cleanse and detoxify the GI tract.

Constipation is an extremely common problem in our society and dealing with this issue is the most important starting item. In this regard, Intestinal Corrective Formula #1 (cathartic formula) should be used to keep your bowels active. I recommend that you start with one capsule just after dinner and increase by one capsule daily until the desired effect is reached (i.e., three bowel movements per day). This product can be purchased from American Botanical Pharmacy (800.437.2362). An alternative/complementary method I recommend for increasing movement of bowels is to use Buffered C powder (one or more heaping teaspoons several times daily) and/or Myo-Mag (three or more capsules several times daily).

Once the bowels are moving correctly, I suggest using HPDI’s Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula. Use this bowel drawing, healing, and detoxification tonic every day to keep your bowel clean. This one-of-a-kind formula powerfully supports the health of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It cleanses the entire digestive tract by drawing toxins, clearing blockages, and supporting natural movement. It works by coating and adhering to the lining of the intestines. This action allows it to absorb fecal plaques and other debris, soften unhealthy deposits, and sweep them away for elimination in the stool. Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula neutralizes and removes hundreds of toxins, including heavy metals (e.g., mercury and lead) and radioactive particles. It draws out many times its weight in material encrusted or trapped in the intestinal lining. It also provides nutrients known not only to nourish the GI tract, but also promote normal elimination functions.

Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula acts as a soothing agent for the mucous membrane linings of the entire intestinal tract, especially the colon. This makes it an important formula for individuals experiencing irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colon, colitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, or any digestive tract condition causing hot, burning, irritated, or bleeding bowels and/or diarrhea. This unique healing formula is also an excellent remedy for food poisoning, because it can absorb harmful bacteria and toxins. Intestinal villi cells are particularly vulnerable to the effects of radiation because they turn over very rapidly. In this regard, Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula can protect these cells from severe radiation damage.

I strongly recommend that you carefully review and implement many of the recommendations of my protocol Chemical/Environmental Toxicity Syndrome on the HPDI website. Here you will find many specific recommendations and references for further exploration that can help you to refine your program.


I advise consuming as much organic raw food as possible. This includes vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and soaked or sprouted beans and whole grains. Eat fresh organic produce, preferably in season and locally grown. It may not be possible to eat even as much as 50% raw organic foods under conditions of radiation exposure. However, it is important nonetheless to consume as much raw, organic, locally grown food as possible. It is important to ascertain whether any fresh produce you eat has been exposed to significant amounts of radiation and to decontaminate it (e.g., by washing), if necessary. I also suggest that you consider growing sprouts from seeds indoors (such as broccoli, clover, alfalfa, etc.)

An interesting finding from Chernobyl is that milk from cows fed grass grown on soil enriched with rock dust contained little or no radiation even though milk of nearby cows fed grass grown on soils not enriched with rock dust contained radiation (see: http://remineralize.org/blog/magazine/from-chernobyl-to-japan-treating-radiation-sickness-with-rock-dust). This finding demonstrates the importance of ingesting foods containing significant amounts of trace minerals. Unfortunately, food (even organic) harvested from land not remineralized may not contain the amounts of trace minerals needed by people for good health. Means of getting obtaining mineralized plant foods include purchasing foods grown biodynamically (see: http://biodynamic-farming.com/) or by growing your own vegetables using rock dust, worm castings/tea, compost, etc. (See: http://www.fertilizeronline.com/rockdust.php).

I strongly suggest that you consume at least four scoops per day (e.g., two scoops in the morning and two scoops in the afternoon or evening) of Rejuvenate!™ Plus, Rejuvenate!™ Berries & Herbs, or original Rejuvenate!™. The RNA in these superfoods is highly effective in regenerating and repairing tissues damaged by radiation. The chlorella and spirulina in most of these superfoods can remove toxic metals (such as Cesium-137, Strontium-90, and Plutonium) from your body. Please consume the following nutritional drink (mix in a blender): blend 16–32 ounces of vegetable juice (made fresh in your juicer) and one scoop of Rejuvenate!™ (any formula). You may add garlic cloves, ginger root, and fresh cayenne peppers for additional therapeutic benefits. Try adding 2–3 capsules of PRO-C™ to the drink.

You should drink 32–64 ounces of fresh vegetable juice daily. Buy a juicer if you don’t already have one (as it can save your life!). I recommend the Green Power twin gear juicer, the Hurom slow juicer, or Breville Elite juicer (all available online).

Drink only purified and/or ionized water (I like the TyentUSA or Jupiter water ionizers) with a pH of about 9.0. If you do not have a water ionizer, you can add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda per 8 oz water several times daily to raise your pH. You also can alkalinize your body by consuming organic herbal teas (non-caffeine) and vegetable juices. Do not consume milk or milk products (cheese, yogurt, butter), most animal products, alcohol, coffee, or refined sugar. You may find it helpful to drink 8–12 oz of Chia Gel daily. Chia Gel is both hydrating and energizing.

You will enjoy eating (as well as drinking the broth of) “Hank’s Vegetable Soup.” This is a great-tasting addition to your cleansing program. It will flush your system of unwanted salts and acids while giving you concentrated vitamins and minerals.


Take Dr. Schulze’s Detox Formula (tincture) (available from the American Botanical Pharmacy) and Super Echinacea. Use two (2) droppers full (70 drops) of the tonics four (4) times daily. In addition, I recommend that you take Immune-Assist™ (at least six capsules) on a daily basis. Immune-Assist™ is derived from six organically grown medicinal mushrooms and contains over 200 polysaccharides known to improve immune function. It is the best immune system modulator I have found. It can rapidly increase your body’s natural killer cell activity. This is especially important because your immune system must clean up tissues damaged by exposure to radioactive particles.


It is important to include foundational supplement formulas as essential elements in your nutritional supplements program. Foundational formulas include a therapeutic multivitamin, Vitamin C/antioxidant product (e.g., PRO-C™ and/or Ultimate Protector™), and an essential fats product. These formulas along with high-RNA Rejuvenate!™ superfoods provide the basic nutrients required for the body’s metabolic systems (digestion, energy production, detoxification, enzyme production, etc.) to work properly. We discuss these formulas in detail in our Foundational Supplements Program.

Damage occurs in two ways when people (or animals) are exposed to high levels of radiation (also see: Fukushima Radiation Release is Worse than You Have Been Told: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself): 1) only about 20% of the damage occurs from the direct action of the radioactive particles on the DNA and other cellular structures and 2) the remaining 80% of the damage occurs from oxygen free radicals that occur when the radioactive particles impinge on the water in your body (you are about 60% water).

Using this knowledge, Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa in Japan found that when individuals are pretreated with Vitamin C at the level of about 10 grams daily along with other antioxidants such as selenium, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, etc., then they are protected from genetic radiation damage when exposed to large dosages of radiation.

Dr. Yanagisawa also discovered that even after individuals are exposed to large doses of radiation and suffer genetic damage, this genetic damage can be reversed by this same protocol of taking about 10 grams of Vitamin C daily along with other antioxidants. Interestingly, this is the same protocol used by many people to prevent or retard aging. This knowledge is important for anyone exposed to large dosages of radiation, such as could be released if the Fukushima reactor situation worsens. Given this information, I recommend taking PRO-C™, which contains Vitamin C and the other antioxidants (i.e., selenium, r-alpha lipoic acid, glutathione) mentioned above, is an ideal supplement for protection against radiation. For more information on Vitamin C and how to determine the most effective dose please see my blog article “Vitamin C – An Amazing Nutrient.”

A new nutritional supplement that complements PRO-C™ in its action against radiation is the Ultimate! Protector™ Formula. Ultimate Protector™ is a cell protection formula that provides high levels of non-GMO Vitamin C, a full spectrum of high ORAC5.0 antioxidants, and multiple sources of protective Nrf2 activators from polyphenols.

Ultimate Protector

Nrf2 is normally bound in the cytoplasm of cells to a protein, however, when an appropriate phytochemical agent attaches to a kinase receptor on the cell wall a phosphate group is released that causes the Nrf2 to be released. The Nrf2 then migrates into the cell nucleus and by binding to genomic antioxidant responsive element (ARE) sequences causes antioxidant enzymes to be fabricated and released. These endogenously produced enzymes (such as superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, etc.) then protect the body against ROS, electrophiles, and other toxic agents. A recent study provides robust evidence that Nrf2 activators protect cells from ionizing radiation and induces DNA damage repair through direct binding to the 53BP1 promoter region harboring ARE sequences.

In practical experience, it has been found that a combination of multiple polyphenols works significantly better than single ingredients. In fact, in one experiment it was found that a combination of five ingredients all known to be Nrf2 activators was 18 times more effective than any single ingredient. Furthermore, it was found that this combination of five ingredients was able to increase levels of SOD by 30% and catalase by 56% after 120 days of taking the combination.

Ultimate Protector: NRF2 Activator

Ultimate Protector™ contains polyphenols and Nrf2 activators from 29 different fruits and vegetables. These include Wild Blueberry, Wild Bilberry, Acai, Black Currant Extract, Sweet Cherry, Raspberry, Elderberry, Blackberry, Aronia, Black Soybean Hull Extract, Blue Corn, CoffeeBerry®, Curcumin (standardized extract with 95% curcuminoids from Turmeric), Trans-Resveratrol (98% from Giant Knotweed), Grape Seed, Cranberry, Tart Cherry, Prune, Raspberry Seed, Strawberry, Quercetin, Broccoli, Broccoli Sprouts, Tomato, Kale, Carrot, Brussels Sprouts, Onion, and Spinach.

We recommend Nascent Iodine (20 drops daily or more in divided doses) and Vitamin D3 Plus (5,000–10,000 IU daily) because almost everyone is deficient in iodine and Vitamin D. These nutrients are needed for detoxification, energy production and utilization, immune enhancement, and protection against major illnesses. In the event of a radiation catastrophe, it is likely you will receive less exposure to sunlight and therefore will make less of your own Vitamin D. It will be therefore be important to supplement with adequate amounts of Vitamin D.

Please note that radioactive iodine-131 (eight day half life) is one of the elements released into the upper atmosphere after an event such as a nuclear power plant meltdown. It can be carried great distances on high-speed winds, and then fall into the lower atmosphere, where it can be breathed into the lungs. It can also contaminate crops on the ground and get into your body through food and drink. Your thyroid gland quickly absorbs radioactive iodine. Due to this gland’s tremendous affinity for iodine, it may absorb radioactive iodine in quantities that can injure or even destroy it.

Taking non-radioactive iodine (i.e., Nascent Iodine) before and after exposure can protect your thyroid after exposure to radioactive iodine (as may be experienced through fallout). Non-radioactive iodine blocks radioactive iodine from being taken into the thyroid gland. In this way, your thyroid gland can be protected from injury. Taking non-radioactive iodine before exposure essentially “pre-fills” your thyroid with iodine leaving little or no room for radioactive iodine to be assimilated.

If you are already taking the recommended dose of approximately 20 drops of Nascent Iodine (2%) (0.4 mg/drop) (see above), then your thyroid will be protected. However, depending upon the magnitude of the fallout from a radiation event, it would be wise to increase your Nascent Iodine intake to as high as 60–100 drops daily (in divided doses) both before and after exposure until the danger has passed. If the danger is of a prolonged duration (as would be the case with an explosion of Fukushima reactor four), then Nascent Iodine with its extremely low toxicity seems to be the only logical solution for protection of the thyroid. For more information on Nascent Iodine, especially as it relates to the Fukushima situation, please see our blog article on Nascent Iodine published this month.

Nascent Iodine

Myo-Mag and Ubiquinol-50 act as powerful metabolic enhancers that lead to significant increases in ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production in the body. ATP is central to the body’s capacity to function. Myo-Mag provides magnesium and malic acid that directly stimulate aerobic energy production in the body. Ubiquinol is also a very powerful fat-soluble antioxidant that prevents free-radical damage in the body’s fat-soluble compartments, including cell membranes.

The liver is the body’s main organ of detoxification and will surely be taxed in the event of a major radiation event. I recommend Hepa Plus that includes milk thistle extract, alpha lipoic acid and other nutrients that help to regenerate and protect the liver cells. I also recommend that you take NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine), another key nutrient that supports liver function and is the rate-limiting nutrient in the production of glutathione (the liver’s major detoxifying nutrient).


Here is a summary of nutritional supplements I recommend taking for a complete program of protection both before and after a catastrophic radiation event:

Mighty Multi-Vite!™: 4 daily (Foundational)

PRO-C™: 12–16 daily (Foundational)

Ultimate Protector™: 6-12 daily (Foundational)

Essential Fats Plus E: 3 daily (Foundational)

Rejuvenate!™ superfoods (2–4 scoops) (Foundational)

Nascent Iodine: 20 drops per day taken between meals before 4 pm (you may need to start with just a few drops and build slowly). The dose will need to be increased to 60–100 drops daily in the event of a major radiation event

Immune-Assist™: 6 caps daily (minimum)

Vitamin D3 Plus: 2 daily for 2 weeks and then 1 daily

Myo-Mag: 3 daily (or more) (build up to bowel tolerance)

Ubiquinol-50: 4 daily

Hepa Plus: 4 daily

NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine): 4 daily

Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula (1–4 tablespoons daily)


I suggest you take warm baths with 2–4 cups of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes (mostly comprised of magnesium chloride but also includes trace sea minerals) along with 1–2 cups of baking soda. Taking these baths significantly raises your body’s magnesium levels (one of the most important therapies you can do). Magnesium baths allow additional trace minerals to be absorbed into your body helping to block the uptake of radioactive particles and alkalinizing your body (and thereby improving oxygen utilization). Additionally, I suggest that you spray Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil on your body (1–2 ounces daily) as an alternative means of increasing magnesium levels.


I highly recommend any methods of massage and bodywork and other techniques that will significantly enhance lymphatic drainage (such as Swedish massage) as this can clear the body of toxins created by any radioactive particles! Some other practices I recommend include: skin brushing, walking, using a rebounder, using whole body vibration machines, and taking far infrared saunas.


It is important to exercise every day. I strongly recommend activities such as yoga and tai chi. Exercise supports the body in many ways. It supports circulation of blood (to oxygenate tissues and detoxify) and lymph (which must be circulated via muscle movement or deep breathing). It also increases lung capacity, tones the cardiovascular system, builds bones, reduces stress chemicals, releases growth hormone, and more. I do not recommend you exercise outside during a radiation crisis. Exercising outdoors in such conditions can substantially increase your exposure to radioactive particles.


It is important to perform as many of these recommendations, practices, and techniques as possible in order to maximize your benefits. When you incorporate them into your life on a regular basis, you will not only be protected against radiation, but you will also gain other health benefits. These include faster healing and recovery, and better overall health. In fact, you will be pleased both by how quickly you can feel better, and by how effectively you can protect and maintain excellent health. That’s the power of synergy in action…creating maximum protection for you.



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Ultimate Protector™ and the Role of Foundational Supplements for Health


Nascent Iodine

Vitamin D3 PLUS

Ultimate Protector™


Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula

Foundational Supplements


Treatments for Nuclear Contamination (Dr. Mark Sircus)

Iodine: Bringing Back the Universal Medicine (e-book) (Dr. Mark Sircus)

Fukushima Radiation Release is Worse than You Have Been Told: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself (Orthomolecular.org; May 2012)


Why Nutritional Supplements are Vital for Optimal Health

Dr. Hank Liers, PhD foundational supplements multivitamin formula vitaminsFred Liers PhD vitamins multivitamins nutritional supplementsThere recently have been articles in the press which claim that because a certain multivitamin has not shown proven reductions in cancer, heart disease, and/or other illnesses, it is therefore worthless to take a multivitamin.

Unfortunately, the authors (including doctors and other so-called ‘experts’ on nutrition who may have no training on the subject) who are writing these articles are usually quite ignorant of the facts regarding nutrition and its relation to health. That is, they simply do not understand the known facts about nutrition, lifestyle factors, toxins, stress, food quality, etc. that impact our health.

Below we clarify why it is important for your health to take nutritional supplements and recommend what basic nutritional formulas should be taken. We want to emphasize that nutritional supplements are not suggested as a replacement for a healthy diet. It is strongly suggested that you eat a natural whole foods diet that is primarily organic, eliminates genetically modified and synthetic foods, and includes a significant amount of raw vegetables and fruits.

Vitamins foundational nutritional supplements multivitamin mineral


In 25 years of working in the health field, we have observed that few people understand how to properly select supplements as part of an optimized nutritional supplements program. Too often people take a piecemeal approach to nutritional supplements.

A common scenario is that they hear from a friend or acquaintance that a particular nutrient works for a certain health issue or that another nutrient is useful for dealing with different issue, etc. They cobble together a set of nutrients that could not possibly meet their true needs.

A piecemeal approach includes, for example, persons who take an inadequate (i.e., low potency) multivitamin (often with toxic food colorings and synthetic forms of Vitamin E), yet neglect to take essential fats that are controllers of many important functions in the body! Generally speaking, this approach fails because it is misses important nutrients needed by the body.

A piecemeal approach often overly focuses on immediate issues without helping to establish intake of nutrients that create and maintain optimal health.


We at HPDI have observed that it is important for individuals to begin their nutritional supplements program with Foundational Supplement Formulas. These provides significant amounts of the basic nutrients satisfying nutritional requirements identified by research and clinical experience over the last 75 years.

We have documented this in our Foundational Supplements booklet and on the HPDI website (www.IntegratedHealth.com).

We recommend four basic types of foundational supplements (sometimes referred to “essential” or “core” formulas) representing the culmination of our experience with supplements needed for health. These four supplements include:

1) A high-quality multivitamin to provide high levels of the basic nutrients required for health, 2) essential fats that the body needs to perform many critical functions, 3) Vitamin C (with other antioxidants, especially bioflavonoids), which is required to sustain life, and 4) High-RNA superfoods, which supply critically needed nucleic acids (i.e., dietary RNA and DNA).

Four types of foundational supplements vitamins multivitamins

The Four Types of Foundational Supplements

There is less awareness among consumers about the benefits of dietary nucleic acids compared to other essential nutrients, but they are highly important for healing and health. In fact, the need for RNA was well recognized over 50 years ago when it was common knowledge that eating liver, a high RNA food, once a week was important for good health!

While we offer a very wide range of supplements, including many that support specific problems or conditions, we always recommend starting with foundational supplements because taking these four types of formulas helps build, support, and maintain the health of the body.


The reason that foundational supplements are needed is not a mystery. There is plenty of evidence supporting the body’s requirements for them. This is because during the past 70 years, nutritional scientists deeply explored fundamental questions about essential nutrients the body needs to properly function, as well as substances the body needs from outside sources because it cannot synthesize them. There are in fact, tens of thousands of studies published in peer reviewed literature supporting the body’s need for these nutrients.

The Need for Foundtional Supplements

The current scientifically accepted list of essential nutrients includes thirteen vitamins, more than twenty minerals, two essential fatty acids, nine essential amino acids, a source of calories (includes protein, carbohydrates, and fats), water, oxygen, and sunlight. We add to the list dietary nucleic acids (especially RNA) based on the reasearch of Dr. Benjamin S. Frank. Daily values (DVs) are established for most of these substances, but represent only minimum amounts needed to avoid disease. Consequently, these values do not address amounts needed for optimal health.

Regarding optimal daily values, there is a vast body of research on nutrients, which in addition to our experience, provides insights into what might be optimal amounts of nutrients for health. It is no surprise that optimal values for essential nutrients are nearly always significantly higher than established daily values. This is because minimal amounts of nutrients required for mere survival cannot sustain vibrant health.

Daily values are, in fact, probably better described as “deficiency values” because these amounts hover dangerously close to actual deficiency levels (depending on the individual) and most likely describe a state of “subclinical deficiency” (if not actual deficiency), whereby actual deficiency symptoms are temporarily masked.

 Nutrient Daily Value  Nutrient Daily Value
Total Fat 65 g Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 1.5 mg
Saturated Fatty Acids 20 g Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 1.7 mg
Cholesterol 300 mg Niacin (Vitamin B3) 20 mg
Sodium 2,400 mg Vitamin B6 2.0 mg
Chloride 3,400 mg Folate 400 mcg
Potassium 3,500 mg Vitamin B12  6 mcg
Total Carbohydrates 300 g Biotin 300 mcg
Dietary Fiber 25 g Pantothenic Acid 10 mg
Protein 50 g Phosphorus 1,000 mg
Vitamin A 5,000 IU Iodine 150 mcg
Vitamin C 60 mg Magnesium 400 mg
Calcium 1,000 mg Zinc 15 mg
Iron 18 mg Copper 2.0 mg
Vitamin D 400 IU Manganese 2.0 mg
Vitamin E 30 IU Chromium 120 mcg
Vitamin K 80 mcg Molybdenum 75 mcg
Selenium 70 mcg


Foundational nutritional supplements provide important nutrients in amounts not easily available in the diet. This relates to the fact that our needs for nutrients have never been greater.

Our needs for nutrients are greater due to many factors, including diets high in nutrient-depleted and processed foods (e.g., refined carbohydrates), and low in fresh vegetables and fruits. This actually describes the so-called “Standard American Diet,” or “SAD,” which has been implicated for its negative health effects.

Some reasons dietary supplements are necessary include these facts:

1) Most crops are grown in nutrient-deficient and/or depleted soils using methods of industrial agriculture that fail to replenish nutrients, and poison the soil (and therefore foods) with toxic pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers, 2) Food processing methods damage, destroy, or remove many essential nutrients, 3) Increased demands by the body due to greater needs for nutrients (relating to stress, pollution, greater needs for detoxification, and other factors endemic to modern society), and 4) Biochemical individuality resulting in greater needs for certain nutrients depending on the unique biochemistry (genetic profile) of an individual.

Biochemical individuality means that someone may require many times the recommended US Daily Value for specific nutrients. Consequently, one person may need hundreds of times the amount of a nutrient compared to another person’s requirement.

Calcium 60% Strontium 95%
Chromium 40% Zinc 78%
Cobalt 89% Vitamins B1, B2, and B3    72–81%
Copper 68% Vitamin B6 72%
Iron 76% Pantothenic Acid 50%
Magnesium 85% Folate 67%
Manganese 86% Vitamin E 86%
Molybdenum 48% Linoleic Acid 95%
Phosphorus 71% Alpha-Linolenic Acid 95%
Potassium 77% Protein 33%
Selenium 16% Fiber 95%
Source: Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill by Udo Erasmus

A review of nutritional studies indicates that deficiencies of most nutrients among individuals range from 25%–95% depending on the nutrient. Such major deficiencies are less surprising given studies indicating that nutrient losses from the processing of foods range from 20%–95%, and average 70%–80%.

For example, losses due to food processing are about 85% for magnesium and 95% for essential fats (omega-3 and omega-6).

In addition, mineral levels measured in plants grown in poor soils (a result of inadequate agricultural practices) are as low as 5% of the mineral levels measured in plants grown in nutrient-rich soils.

From National Surveys From Clinician Estimates
 Nutrient % Deficiency  Nutrient % Deficiency
Calcium 68% Biotin 10%
Folate 10+% Chromium 90%
Iron 57% Copper 85–90%
Magnesium 75% Manganese 20–30%
Phosphorus 27% Pantothenic Acid 25%
Vitamin A 50% Selenium 50–60%
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 45% Silicon 30%
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 34% Vitamin D 70%
Niacin (Vitamin B3) 33% Vitamin E 20–40%
Vitamin B6 80% Vitamin K 15%
Vitamin B12 34% Essential Fatty Acids 95%
Vitamin C  41% Zinc 35–60%
Source: Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill by Udo Erasmus

Complicating this picture is the fact that nutritional requirements change during the year due to environmental circumstances. Changing seasons, environments, air/water supply, etc. mean that an individual’s need for nutrients typically changes (e.g., more Vitamin D needed in the winter, more nutrients needed to cope with pollution associated with urban environments or stress, etc.).

Nutrient density of foods also varies by location and season. The availability of nutrients in foods can vary substantially due to season, geographic factors, and growing methods.

All these factors add up to indicate the difficulty of ensuring optimal nutrient status without foundational supplements. Because the need for nutrients is greater than ever for most people, the need for nutritional supplementation is also greater than ever.

Nutritional supplements provide an effective (and cost-effective) means to ensure the high levels of nutrients required to build, sustain, and maintain optimal health.


An important consideration (often overlooked because nutritional research typically examines only one or two nutrients at a time) is that hundreds of nutrients act and interact in our bodies simultaneously. Considering that the recommended (i.e., minimum) amount of a single nutrient rarely represents optimal intake, adverse effects can significantly increase when a broad range of nutrients is present only in suboptimal amounts (i.e., when there exists a deficiency of optimal amounts of nutrients).

The function of the human body might be likened to an automobile factory. If a factory is designed to optimally produce 100 vehicles per day, then the factory must be supplied with at least minimum amounts all essential raw materials to make this happen. In this case, incorrect amounts of raw materials, for example, 40 tires, 91 transmissions, 67 drive trains, 13 exhaust pipes, etc. would never allow optimal automobile production. It becomes evident that important relationships among parts must be honored for the entire system to function properly.

Like an automobile factory, the human body needs proper amounts of critical “raw materials” (i.e., basic nutrients) to perform optimally. However, the need to obtain appropriate “materials” in correct amounts is arguably more relevant for the extremely complex human body. In this regard, scientific studies on nutrients perform a disservice when they fail to consider complex interactions among nutrients in the body required to support optimal function. Minimum levels of nutrients can only lead to minimum health. Following the analogy of an auto factory, the body cannot create optimal health from insufficient raw materials (nutrients).

In fact, we have an accurate picture of what levels of nutrients support optimal body function. We are aided in this knowledge by solid scientific studies. It is established that basic nutrients provided by foundational supplements confer immense benefits for health. Indeed, basic nutrients have proven remarkably effective for improving health, especially relative to their cost. Foundational nutritional supplements are far less costly than pharmaceutical drugs or the medical procedures used to treat health conditions related to nutrient deficiencies, which often can be prevented by dietary supplements.

In addition, there is the fact that natural nutrient substances exhibit extremely low toxicity. Most vitamins, for example, demonstrate low toxicity (even at levels significantly higher than official daily values). The “2008 Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers’ National Poison Data System (NPDS): 26th Annual Report” published in Clinical Toxicology (2009) indicates not a single fatality caused by nutritional supplements in the US that year. This underscores the safety of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids. While this figure may seem remarkable considering that more than half the US population takes daily nutritional supplements, it confirms the safety of natural nutrient substances. Indeed, essential nutrients are safe and effective precisely because they naturally work together within the body to create health. On the other hand, prescription drugs, even when taken properly, are a major cause of death in the US, killing over 100,000 people every year. This is a major public health threat. FDA approved, firmly regulated drugs are causing gigantic harm to the public.


Clearly, it is important for your health to take a high potency multivitamin on a daily basis. However, just taking a multivitamin allows you to be deficient in other nutrients that are required for complete basic nutrition and can lead to major deficiencies and serious health issues.

We urge our readers to become familiar with the foundational supplements we have discussed and be sure to get everything needed for optimal health!



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HPDI Rejuvenation Program


Multivitamin and mineral use and breast cancer mortality in older women with invasive breast cancer in the women’s health initiative.

Multivitamin use is common in the United States. It is not known whether multivitamins with minerals supplements (MVM) used by women already diagnosed with invasive breast cancer would affect their breast cancer mortality risk. To determine prospectively the effects of MVM use on breast cancer mortality in postmenopausal women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, a prospective cohort study was conducted of 7,728 women aged 50–79 at enrollment in the women’s health initiative (WHI) in 40 clinical sites across the United States diagnosed with incident invasive breast cancer during WHI and followed for a mean of 7.1 years after breast cancer diagnosis. Use of MVM supplements was assessed at WHI baseline visit and at visit closest to breast cancer diagnosis, obtained from vitamin pill bottles brought to clinic visit. Outcome was breast cancer mortality. Hazard ratios and 95 % confidence intervals (CIs) for breast cancer mortality comparing MVM users to non-users were estimated using Cox proportional hazard regression models. Analyses using propensity to take MVM were done to adjust for potential differences in characteristics of MVM users versus non-users. At baseline, 37.8 % of women reported MVM use. After mean post-diagnosis follow-up of 7.1 ± 4.1 (SD) years, there were 518 (6.7 %) deaths from breast cancer. In adjusted analyses, breast cancer mortality was 30 % lower in MVM users as compared to non-users (HR = 0.70; 95 % CI 0.55, 0.91). This association was highly robust and persisted after multiple adjustments for potential confounding variables and in propensity score matched analysis (HR = 0.76; 95 % CI 0.60–0.96). Postmenopausal women with invasive breast cancer using MVM had lower breast cancer mortality than non-users. The results suggest a possible role for daily MVM use in attenuating breast cancer mortality in women with invasive breast cancer but the findings require confirmation.


(Therapeutic Nutrition Based Upon Biochemical Individuality)

The Final Word on Supplements. Yeah, Right.

Regulation of Vitamins: Politics As Usual


Foundational Supplements



Dr. Hank Liers, PhD pro-c™ pro-c super antioxidant formulaPRO-C™ is one of the most effective antioxidant formulas in the world. It is one of HPDI’s foundational supplements that works most effectively when used with multivitamins, essential fats, and superfoods. However, it is also an excellent standalone formula that can rapidly provide the body with extremely high antioxidant values.

PRO-C™ provides 500 mg of vitamin C per capsule along with grape extract and green tea extract plus significant amounts of supportive nutrients. The formula works so well because this combination of ingredients leverages the antioxidant power of vitamin C, grape extract, and the other antioxidants to act synergistically in order to maximize effectiveness.

For more detailed information about vitamin C, you can read my earlier blog post titled, “Vitamin C – An Amazing Nutrient” (August 2014).


What you may not know is the history of the development PRO-C™ and the scientific knowledge upon which I based my formulation of it.

I formulated my first product in 1989. It was a potent antioxidant formula I called Pyc-C (sounds like “pixie”). Pyc-C consisted of a combination of buffered Vitamin C (including magnesium, calcium, and zinc ascorbates) and pycnogenols from pine bark.

Much of the scientific research data I collected during the development of Pyc-C regarding oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) I later incorporated into an article (currently published on this blog) titled “Review of Scientific Research on Oligomeric  Proanthocyanidins (OPC)“.

By 1997 I had gathered a great deal of  new scientific information regarding green tea catechins and the antioxidants Dr. Lester Packer called network antioxidants, as well as additional research regarding how various nutrients worked together. At that point, I was ready to formulate the new and improved PRO-C™ super antioxidant formula.

In addition to buffered Vitamin C in the form of calcium and magnesium ascorbates, PRO-C™  ingredients include whole grape extract including  pulp, skin, and seeds with  green tea extract (with high EGCG), n-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC), reduced glutathione (GSH), (R) alpha lipoic acid, selenium, and coenzyme Vitamins B2 and B6.

pro-c-180-f pro-c™ pro-c super antioxidant formula

PRO-C™ was released in late 1998. It rapidly became one of our best selling products. Our customers raved about how effective it was for them if they felt like they were coming down with something (cold, infection, flu, virus, etc.). Today we highly recommend its use together with ULTIMATE PROTECTOR+™ and our other FOUNDATIONAL SUPPLEMENTS to ensure optimal health and anti-aging effects.


PRO-C™ super antioxidant formula is extremely synergistic, especially in so far as it increases the body’s ability to quench free radicals in its aqueous (i.e., water-based) compartments. Because antioxidants may become free radicals themselves after they have done their job, the body has developed an elaborate system for recovery of oxidized antioxidants.

Dr. Lester Packer was the primary researcher investigating the synergistic character of antioxidants. He made this statement in his interview with Dr. Richard Passwater after publication of Packer’s The Antioxidant Miracle (1999):

[The theme of] The Antioxidant Miracle is that antioxidants work in a coordinated manner. They interact with one another, and this interaction, which we like to call the antioxidant network, is very important to the overall antioxidant defense that we possess. The key members of the antioxidant network are vitamin E and vitamin C, but there are other participants in this network. These are thiol antioxidants, antioxidants that contain sulfur groups in the body. Glutathione perhaps is the best known of these, but there are other sulfur-containing antioxidants that also are very important.”

Dr. Packer continues:

“This whole antioxidant network works like an orchestra depending on individuals who have, of course, different complements of antioxidants depending upon their nutritional regimens and the individuality of their own body metabolisms. The idea behind having a network of antioxidants is that if one antioxidant happens to be deficient the others can compensate and still keep the antioxidant defense system strong.”

Thus we see, for example, reduced glutathione (GSH) has the ability to reduce oxidized Vitamin C back to its unoxidized state. Vitamin C reduces oxidized Vitamin E back to its unoxidized state, and both reduces glutathione and spares it for other important functions, including detoxification and immune enhancement.

Many polyphenols (e.g., oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), anthocyanidins and catechins) found in red grape and green tea extracts spare Vitamin C and glutathione in the body, as well as operate as powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and connective tissue strengtheners.

grape extract

R-Lipoic Acid operates as an antioxidant both in its oxidized and reduced states, reduces the oxidized forms of both Vitamin E and Vitamin C, and and has been shown to enhance glutathione levels. Because several of these substances are able to protect Vitamin E contained in cell membranes, this combination also has a significant beneficial effect on the fat soluble antioxidant status of the body!

The nutrients in PRO-C™ have been carefully selected and balanced to provide optimal effects, especially as related to free radical protection, detoxification, immune system enhancement, connective tissue strengthening, and reduction of inflammation. PRO-C™ therefore provides outstanding nutritional support in a wide variety of conditions of poor health, as well as acts to support and maintain a state of health and well-being.


PRO-C™ contains Buffered Vitamin C (in the form of powdered calcium, magnesium, and zinc ascorbates), high-potency Grape Extract (from grape pulp, skins, and seeds), Green Tea Extract, reduced Glutathione, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC), R-Lipoic Acid, coenzyme forms of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6, and Selenium.

Vitamin C is known to perform many critical functions within the body involving detoxification, tissue building, immune enhancement, pain control, and controlling or killing pathogenic organisms. It is also known to be helpful for wound and bone healing, healthy skin and eyes, fighting infections, stress control, toxic exposure, and repairing damaged tissue of all types. Taking adequate amounts of Vitamin C on a daily basis may help to prevent a wide range of health issues.

Grape Extract and Green Tea Extract both contain highly bioavailable bioflavonoid complexes that in research studies have been shown to have powerful antioxidant capability and powerful Nrf2 activity. The Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) in grape extract are able to strengthen collagen fibers in aging or damaged connective tissue and can act as a preventative against connective tissue degradation.

Some research indicates that anthocyanidins, which are found in extracts of grape seed, skin, and stems (but not in grape seed extract), can reduce oxidized glutathione while at the same time become reduced themselves. In addition, extracts of grape skin and stems (but not those of grape seed extract) contain a material called trans-resveratrol that has been shown to have chemopreventive effects.

Green tea extract is obtained from the unfermented leaves of Camellia sinensis for which numerous biological activities have been reported including: antimutagenic, antibacterial, hypocholesterolemic, antioxidant, and protective against tumorigenesis.

Glutathione and NAC (a major precursor of glutathione) both provide important protection against toxins and free radicals, and can strengthen the immune system. Glutathione is considered to be one of the most important protective substances in the human body with almost 60% of liver detoxification accounted for by this key substance. In addition, glutathione is one of the most potent anti-viral substances known.

Some research has indicated that glutathione may not be able to enter easily into certain types of cells, but NAC is able to enter these cells and be converted into glutathione once inside the cell. Thus, the combination of glutathione and NAC appear to be more potent than either alone.

R-Lipoic Acid is normally made at low levels in the human body, where it functions primarily as an important metabolic nutrient in the conversion of pyruvic acid into acetyl coenzyme A. As such, it plays a crucial role in the metabolism of both fats and carbohydrates into energy. In addition, r-lipoic acid functions as an extremely powerful antioxidant and Nrf2 activator capable of trapping many different types of free radicals in the body.

Because it is both water and fat soluble, lipoic acid is able to operate in a broader range of body tissues than most other antioxidants. Its small size allows lipoic acid to enter areas of the body not easily accessible to many other substances; this allows lipoic acid, for example, to enter the cell nucleus and prevent free-radical damage to DNA.

Because it is such a powerful antioxidant and can easily function as such in both a reduced and oxidized state, lipoic acid is able to protect other important antioxidants such as glutathione, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. R-Lipoic acid is also able to chelate heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, free iron, and free copper out of the body.

Selenium has been shown by clinical research to be a key mineral in the body’s defenses against free radicals and has been shown to be a major factor in reducing the symptoms of HIV infections and in the prevention of tumors. Selenium is used in conjunction with glutathione to form the powerful enzyme glutathione peroxidase that is responsible for detoxification of peroxides formed during the process of aerobic metabolism in humans and other animals.

Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6 are key vitamins that support the regeneration of glutathione and the ability of glutathione to combine with toxic substances in the process of eliminating them from the body. They are especially effective in their coenzyme form so they may be directly utilized by the body starting in the intestinal tract.

Magnesium, Zinc, and Calcium synergistically work with (and enhance the effects of) the other ingredients in PRO-C™.


HIGHLY EFFECTIVE VITAMIN C FORMULA PLUS ANTIOXIDANTS. A Complete Vitamin C Formula and a Powerful Antioxidant Formula Combined in a Single Supplement!

POWERFUL, SYNERGISTIC FREE-RADICAL QUENCHING FORMULA. PRO-C™ Components Work Together To Quench Free Radicals in Your Body. Vitamin C Enables Grape Seed Extract to Function More Effectively, and Conversely Grape Seed Extract Potentiates Vitamin C. Green Tea Extract Boosts ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Value.

PROVIDES SIGNIFICANT AMOUNTS OF POWERFUL NRF2 ACTIVATORS (from Grape Extract, Green Tea Extract, NAC, and Alpha Lipoic Acid) that stimulate the production of the body’s own protective antioxidants including superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, and heme oxygenase.

SUPERIOR, BUFFERED (NON-ACIDIC) FORM OF VITAMIN C. Mineral Ascorbates Never Acidify Your Body, Keeping You pH Balanced. Staying Alkaline Is An Important Element in Maintaining a Healthy Body.

RAPID ASSIMILATION. Unique Capsule Form Ensures Rapid Uptake and Assimilation in the Body. You May Also Empty Capsule Contents into Water, Food, or Directly Into Your Mouth, If Desired. Mildly Tart Taste!


One capsule provides the following percentages of the Daily Value:

Vitamin C (from mineral ascorbates) 500 mg 833%
BioVin® Grape Extract (>95% OPC) 30 mg *
Green Tea Extract 30 mg *
Calcium (from calcium ascorbate) 23 mg 2.3%
Magnesium (from magnesium ascorbate) 23 mg 5.7%
Glutathione (reduced) 20 mg *
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) 15 mg *
R-Lipoic Acid 5 mg *
Zinc (from zinc ascorbate) 2 mg 13%
Vitamin B2 (from riboflavin-5′-phosphate) 1 mg 118%
Vitamin B6 (from pyridoxal-5′-phosphate) 1 mg 50%
Selenium (from l-selenomethionine) 10 mcg *

* No established Daily Value

DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement take 1–3 capsules daily in divided doses (i.e., spread out over the day), or as recommended by a health care professional. It initially may be useful to take up to 6 capsules per day in divided doses for one week. The contents of the capsule may be emptied into juice or food, as needed.

INGREDIENTS: PRO-C™ SUPER ANTIOXIDANT FORMULA contains only the highest-quality USP grade magnesium ascorbate, USP grade calcium ascorbate, BioVin® grape extract (greater than 95% OPC and greater than 3.5% anthocyanidins from grape pulp, skins, and seeds), green tea extract (95% min. polyphenols and 55% min. EGCG), glutathione (reduced), n-acetyl-l-cysteine, USP grade zinc ascorbate, r-(+)-lipoic acid, riboflavin-5′-phosphate, pyridoxal-5′-phosphate, l-selenomethionine, the smallest amounts of microcrystalline cellulose and silica in a preservative-free gelatin capsule.

PRO-C™ does not contain wheat, rye, oats, corn antigen, barley, gluten, soy, egg, dairy, yeast, sugar, sulfates, phosphates (other than coenzyme forms), fats, chlorides, GMOs, wax, preservatives, colorings, or artificial flavorings.

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