Irena Ossola bike racing recovery pH Adjust alkalinizing formulaEditor’s note: HPDI’s sponsored pro cyclist Irena Ossola is a frequent contributor to our blog. Today she writes about her experience with adjusting and monitoring her pH levels using pH Adjust and pH test strips. ~

I have used HPDI’s pH Adjust alkalinizing formula for about two months, and my experience has been quite interesting. I can see how my body reacts on a chemical level to different stresses—such as racing, travel, training, rest, and different foods I eat. I consistently use pH paper to test my pH first thing when I wake up in order to have a more controlled test.

My primary finding is that after a race my body is quite acidic (pH of 6.3). While in contrast after a day of rest and/or dinner consisting of lots of vegetables and spinach my body is quite alkaline (pH of 7.5 to 8).


While in France and racing very hard, I noticed that taking pH Adjust every morning helped my body feel more balanced and avoid spikes of energy or tiredness. I could rest and sleep more deeply, and train with both greater quality and frequency.

Irena Ossola ph test pH Adjust

Wearing my HPDI gear. Products like pH Adjust and Rejuvenate! superfoods keep in me in top condition.

After a month in France of hard racing and training, I began experiencing leg cramping due to the fatigue and travel. I remained consistent in my testing and taking pH Adjust through this difficult period. Initially, my tests were very acidic when the cramps began. Then as my diet consisted of just soup and salad (to hydrate and ease the burden on my digestion/kidneys) the pH test strips showed my pH to be more alkaline.

Also, I read that bicarbonate could help with cramping as it acts as a buffer in the body. So I continued to take the pH Adjust consistently and even increased my doses by adding an evening dose as well, if my afternoon/evening pH test showed my body was acidic (below pH 7).


During the period of cramping I know pH Adjust helped to reestablish an alkaline environment in my body. This is important in order to heal from the cramping which creates a lot of lactic acid and fatigue in my muscles. I noticed the symptoms were reduced. During the cramping stage, I usually have cramping even when walking, but this time it was limited primarily to the bike. I recovered faster and felt better sooner, which I think is a result of the pH Adjust and the correct diet.

test pH paper

Testing pH levels with litmus paper guides my diet and use of pH Adjust.

Even after travel and during my return to harder training I will continue to take pH Adjust as part of my normal routine. There is nothing else available or on the market that acts so specifically to balance the pH within the body. This is so important as we introduce and put many stresses on our body that take it out of balance. Whether it is environmental or nutritional, these stresses can lead to further problems. So simply taking pH Adjust every morning can help protect against these variables. I feel the difference when I am consistent in taking it, and my body is under constant stresses due to my work as a professional cyclist.

pH Adjust

pH Adjust helps me maintain optimal pH levels—there’s nothing else like it.


Last month I returned from Europe where I was suffering from some leg cramping, so I decided to do a body cleanup. I was still taking pH Adjust in the morning and my normal supplements, but I also wanted to do a 3–5 day juice cleanse. This helped the recovery as it cleans out my kidneys and gives my digestion a rest. Whenever I return from travel or racing I try to do a juice cleanse to reboot my system.

Irena Ossola ph test ph adjust

Me and my bike!

The three day juice cleanse ended up being a great flush, and my legs were recovering very well after all the travel, racing, cramping, and stress.

I did notice some feelings of fogginess in my head during the cleanse. But I was told that this is not uncommon to feel as it could be either from the reduced amount of protein entering the body, or because the toxins are being cleaned out of the system, so the mind is also readjusting to this as well.

I have noticed that the more juice cleanses I do, the faster and easier my body adjusts to the fluid diet. I don’t feel hunger, but just craving for the juice and energy. As long as I have enough juice made and on hand, I don’t feel worried about my ability to nourish my body. Without intense training I really enjoy the cleanse and don’t feel the need or cravings for sugar or certain foods. It simplifies life, and allows me to focus on important things like training and my work as a pro cyclist.

Pro Tip: When going through lots of stress on the body like exercise, illness, surgery, polluted environments, etc., increase the amount of Rejuvenate! superfoods in your diet and eat sardines. Both of these nutritional components will help speed up recovery time, and battle any incoming hazards and risk factors to your body.

irena ossola rejuvenate superfoods

Pro Tip: Rejuvenate! superfoods support recovery after training and racing.

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pH Adjust Alkalining Formula

pH paper
(litmus test paper)

Rejuvenate! superfoods
(comparison chart)


Power Juice & Super Smoothie of Pro Cyclist Irena Ossola

Irena Ossola pro cyclist juice cleanseJust the words “juice cleanse” can bring thoughts of hunger, struggle, and lack of energy. Yet, in my experience I have found juice cleansing simplifies life and gives a boost to my days.

I make enough juice each day and drink as much as I want or need. I notice some tired moments where the lack of protein affects my energy, but I also attribute that to my training.

As a professional athlete, I’ve learned a juice cleanse is all about timing. Outside of high-volume training, the juice cleanse is more just a mater of sticking to it. But during the season I recently learned my body fatigues more easily and lacks long-term energy for endurance during training.

Irena Ossola juice cleansing superfoods

Juice cleansing is not easy, but nicely supports my training, racing, and recovery.

This past week I have gone through a pretty tough round of cleansing. I did five days total in which three days were juice only.

I have done cleanses before and even for long amounts of time, but this was by far the most difficult I have ever done. Not because of juice quantity, or hunger, but because of training and energy.

The last time I did a cleanse was before my wrist surgery last fall. I was still training, but not as heavily or intense as right now since the racing season is underway. So when I recently had two hard days of four-hour rides/workouts, my body felt the effects of having no solid substance.

I admit I did “cheat” a little and eat grapefruits alongside the juice. It helped fill my stomach and give me a little more fiber and sugars for my workouts.

Other than raw grapefruit, I followed my cleanse routine: lemonade first thing in the morning, followed by herbal tea, and then fresh juice during the day. As usual, I added Rejuvenate! superfoods to my juices to help with energy, recovery, and needed vitamins.

Irena Ossola juice cleansing superfoods

Juice with superfoods is a nutritious combination.

From my past experience it takes about three days for my body to adjust to the diet. Considering my current training and focus on preparing for races, I don’t think it would be beneficial for me to do more than three days cleansing, especially on juice alone.

The purpose of this cleanse was to replenish my body with hydration and nutrients, whereas solid food is not as efficient. So despite some reduced energy and power, my body feels replenished and recharged. This makes it worthwhile!

As a professional athlete, it is important to tune into how my body feels and what it needs. I was not able to commit to a long cleanse, but as with so many things, every bit helps.

If you are thinking about doing a cleanse, this short 3–5 day cleanse could be a good stepping stone to see how your body reacts. One key component that I include with my juice is Rejuvenate! superfoods. This gives me the vitamins my body needs to recover after hard workouts, so that I can get back out and train hard again the next day.


I use one-quart glass bottles that I reuse from store bought juice (lemon from my cleanse). I fill it about halfway with juice to leave room for supplements and shaking.

Garlic (optional)

Rejuvenate! Berries & Herbs (pink) – 1 scoop
Rejuvenate! (green) – 1 scoop
Rejuvenate! original greens (blue label) – ½ scoop
Chia Seeds – 1 scoop (2 tbsp)
Glutamine – 1 scoop (5 gm)


This is the recipe for the smoothie I drink after my workouts and even just during the day when I am not training. It helps fuel me and gives me energy to last the whole day. It’s packed with vitamins and healthy ingredients. The taste is a bit interesting. I love the mix of lime, ginger, and chocolate that is like no other smoothie I’ve ever tasted.

Spinach – about 2 cups
Frozen Berries – about ½ cup
Lime – 1 peeled
Ginger – about 1–2 cm piece
Shredded Coconut – 1 scoop
Banana or Orange – optional

Rejuvenate! Berries and Herbs (pink) – 1 scoop
Rejuvenate! (green) – 1 scoop
Rejuvenate! Original (blue label) – ½ scoop
Chia Seeds – 1 scoop (2 tbsp)
Glutamine – 1 scoop
BCAA – 1 scoop (most protein powder contains some BCAAs, but this gives me added recovery)
Chocolate protein powder – about 1–2 scoops (I use egg white protein powder or Vega Protein)
Bee pollen – 1 tbsp
Flaxseeds – 1 scoop
Hemp Hearts – 1 scoop

Irena Ossola juice cleansing superfoods recipes

My power smoothie is tasty after workouts or anytime.


Fred’s Favorite Vegetable Juice Recipe: “The Doctor”

Fred Liers PhD vegetable juice recipe the doctor carrot beet ginger garlic lemonA few years ago, I was introduced to a vegetable juice recipe known as “The Doctor.” The basic recipe is simple: carrots, beets, ginger, garlic, and lemon. After making and drinking this juice on a regular basis, I find I remain healthier all year. Not only do I feel better, but virtually never get sick, even in winter.

Since then I have tried various modifications to the basic juice recipe. Some of my favorite additions are parsley, spinach, cilantro, celery, cucumber, turmeric, jalapeño peppers, and lime. I juice these with the original ingredients whenever possible, and depending on what vegetables are in season or available. In particular, I find parsley removes any garlic odor, which might otherwise hinder social activity after consuming “The Doctor.”

I drink a lot more green vegetable juices these days. Greens I juice include kale, chard, broccoli, spinach, arugula, beet greens, mustard, and other greens. Yet, I still find myself gravitating toward my favorite blend of carrots, beets, and greens. Into this vegetable juice blend I occasionally juice an apple, which adds a touch a sweetness. This is ideal when sharing this drink with my five year old (and I make sure to leave out the garlic, too).

I personally find there is something powerful and almost magical in the mix of ginger, garlic, and lemon that keeps me coming back. I have literally chased colds away. Other times, I have felt distinct energetic movements in my chest area. That must be the ginger’s effect. I have also noticed improved visual acuity. In any event, these spicy ingredients are warming and satisfying to the palate, as well as mind, body, and soul.

Although winter is a distant memory and summer is coming on fast, I still enjoy this recipe, and it’s in my juicing repertoire all four seasons. I recommend you try it, and see how you like it.

THE DOCTOR RECIPE (all ingredients should preferably be organic)

2–3 lbs carrots
1 large beet (including greens)
1 clove garlic (or more)
1 inch ginger
1 lemon (or lime)


1–2 handfuls parsley and/or spinach
1 stalk celery
1 cucumber
1 jalapeño pepper
1 scoop Rejuvenate!™ (original greens) superfood (or superfood of your choice)
Any other ingredients you like

LET’S MAKE JUICE: Select the ingredients that appeal most to you. It’s helpful to have an experimental, creative mindset because you never know what you might like if you don’t try different combinations of ingredients you haven’t juiced before. The best juice combinations often arise from trying something new.

Juice all ingredients using a vegetable juicer. A centrifugal juicer works fine, but for the highest quality juice, try a Green Star (twin gear) or Hurom (single augur) juicer. Strain and/or stir (if necessary), then drink. This juice is best sipped slowly and savored. The beets make this juice red, which will vary from dark red to orange-red depending on the ratio of carrots to beets.

Note: You can run the entire lemon (or lime) through your juicer, or you can squeeze the juice separately and pour it into your juice.

the doctor juice vegetable juice healthy beets carrots greens


If you’ve never juiced hot peppers before, then start small using 1/3 of a jalapeño pepper. Work your way to an entire pepper. As you adjust to higher levels of heat, you may find you enjoy habanero peppers in your vegetable juice, like I do. If you don’t have any hot peppers available, you can add cayenne powder or tincture to your juice.

An added benefit of consuming hot peppers in your vegetable juice during the warmer months is that it boosts circulation so much that it actually produces a cooling effect on the body. This is one reason hot peppers are consumed in tropical climates, like Thailand, famous for its “Thai Red” peppers.

There is a tiny chile pepper native to my area in southern Arizona known as the “chiltepin” (we say “chill-tuh-peen”) pepper. They are round or oblong peppers usually found in abundance on low lying bushes. I have found them growing in the desert, near mountain ravines, and even in the Rose Garden at Reid Park in Tucson. They start out green, then turn purple, and finally a bright red when ripe.

Chiltepin peppers are among the hottest I have ever eaten, but I believe they belong to a family of bird peppers (such as African bird peppers) that grow around the world. If you can find some of these peppers or any hot peppers with a similar level of heat (i.e., 50,000–100,000 Scoville heat units, which is the standard scale for measuring total capsaicin content), then you are in for a treat in your vegetable juice.

As I mentioned earlier, once you are ready for it, the habanero is a great pepper to juice. Just remember not to share your vegetable juice with anyone who isn’t ready for intense heat (100,000–350,000 Scoville units)!

Chiltepin chile peppers cayenne

Chiltepin pepper plant native to southern Arizona

Chile peppers are naturally high in vitamin C, so this gives you an added nutritional boost, and helps preserve the freshness of the juice.


I include my favorite superfood (Rejuvenate!™) in the recipe because I am a huge believer in the power of superfoods to supercharge vegetable juices to make them more powerfully nutritious.

Just as hot peppers add therapeutic value to juice by boosting circulation, superfoods like Rejuvenate! bring powerfully nutritious ingredients like chlorella and spirulina. Chlorella provides amazing nutrition (protein, chlorophyll, essential fats), but also powerful cleansing power due to the special properties of its cell wall that allow it to detoxify everything from heavy metals to toxic chemicals.

Rejuvenate! is designed by Dr. Hank Liers of Health Products Distributors, Inc. to be a full spectrum superfood offering the highest levels of nutrition, detoxification, and support for rejuvenation, regeneration, and healing.

In fact, Rejuvenate! is a unique high-RNA formula, which provides therapeutic levels of dietary nucleic acids (RNA, DNA, nucleotides, nucleosides) that are proven to speed healing, boost cellular energy (as ATP), improve tissue oxygenation, increase functional strength and recovery, and improve personal appearance (exerting anti-aging effects). Rejuvenate! (original greens) just happens to be my personal favorite, and it tastes especially good with “The Doctor.”

Rejuvenate! superfood is actually part of a product line of five Rejuvenate! superfoods, each with it’s own flavor and nutrient profile, but all provide the benefits offered by high levels of dietary RNA. All of these formulas taste good in juice. For example, when I juice just carrots, or apples and other fruits, I prefer to add Rejuvenate Berries & Herbs.

So, try to include your favorite superfoods right into your juice. If you don’t want to put them into your juice, make sure to consume superfoods at other times of the day.

We at HPDI include juicing into our Master Rejuvenation Program for optimal health because it works to create health. And juicing works especially well when combined with superfoods, like Rejuvenate!. I highly encourage you to try Rejuvenate! superfoods because they are the only formulas that intentionally provide therapeutic levels of dietary nucleic acids, which are one of the nutrients most proven to support health and healing.


“The Doctor” likely will remain one of my favorite vegetable juices. It’s easy to make, tastes great, offers distinct health benefits, and stores well in the refrigerator (at least compared to most other juices; I usually add a PRO-C capsule into the juice if storing it overnight).

I can fairly guarantee that if you add more vegetable juices into your diet, you will become healthier, more alkaline, better hydrated, and probably both live longer and experience a higher quality of life. That’s the way I see it. So, try this juice recipe today. Just maybe “The Doctor” can help you avoid visiting your doctor. And in any case, it tastes great!


The Summer Lemonade Diet: Refreshes, Hydrates & Cleanses Kidneys – by Fred Liers, PhD

Liver Cleanse with Juices & Herbs – by Fred Liers, PhD


(role of dietary nucleic acids for health and healing; foundational supplements)


Suggestions for Hepatitis C

In the last week several people have asked me about natural approaches for Hepatitis C. In general, I always recommend a complete nutritional program along with healthier ways of living so that the body has the best chance to regain balance. In my experience a partial approach in which a person only does some good things does not work.

I always suggest that you start with a solid foundational program that includes a therapeutic multivitamin, Vitamin C with antioxidants, essential fats, and one of of our high RNA Rejuvenate!™ formulas (I prefer Rejuvenate!™ Berries & Herbs for Hepatitis C). It is important to eat an organic diet that includes raw foods, vegetable juices and soups, fruits high in antioxidants, fish – such as sardines and salmon, and high fiber foods.

At the same time, it is crucial that the liver is not taxed by exposure to toxic petrochemicals, pesticides, alcohol, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and junk foods. It is important to go on a detoxification program that clears the intestines, liver, blood and lymph system, kidneys, lungs, and skin. In this regard, I suggest the use of our Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula.

As a final very important recommendation, I suggest that you take our Hepa Plus formula that contains milk thistle extract, alpha-lipoic acid, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC), selenium, dandelion root extract, and other nutrients that help to detoxify and regenerate the liver. I addition, I suggest the use of our organic medicinal mushroom polysaccharide product, Immune Assist Daily Formula, that is the most powerful immune modulator that I am aware of. Finally, I suggest the use of our patented Olive Leaf Extract that is an extremely effective anti-microbial.

Using this approach several people’s Hepatitis C titres have dropped precipitously and their health improved dramatically.

To learn more about my recommendations for Hepatitis C click here.